Planning Commission minutes May 21, 2008

Town of Daniel

Daniel Planning Review Board

Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2008

County Health Department

North Conference Room

7:00 pm

Quorum: Diane Grose, Francis Smith, Barry Hobbs, Eric Bunker, Gary Weight

Eric Bunker called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

  1. Public Comment
  2. Eric Bunker asked for any public comment. There was none.
  3. New member welcome
  4. Barry Hobbs was welcomed and sworn into office.
  5. Mike Peterson Building Concept Approval
  6. Eric Bunker reported that Mike Peterson did not have UDOT

approval yet, so he would come in next month.

  1. Sherry Sawdey Commercial concept
  2. Sherry Sawdey explained that she hopes to put in a nursery, that

she will lease to a grower, and wanted direction on how to proceed.

She had her plat maps. There was discussion on the concept. Eric

Bunker explained what her next steps were and when her request

would be heard.

  1. Corbin Linde Home for disability
  2. Eric Bunker passed out sensitive information to the board members

and Corbin Linde explained that this is the same concept that has

been presented to the board since November 2007. There was

discussion on the home and how many residents would be housed


  1. Corbin Linde stated that it will be a residential treatment facility with

8 residents for now and in July they were going to apply to make it

a therapeutic boarding school with up to 24 residents.

  1. There was discussion on the amount of traffic the home would

generate and the safety of the road. Francis Smith asked for a

traffic study.

  1. Gary Weight pointed out that there are issues with the P160 zone

and that there are CC&R’s on the property.

  1. Shelly Bunker stated that the citizens are frustrated and they knew

of the conflict before they purchased the property.

  1. Motion – Barry Hobbs
  2. To table until the following instructions are met:
  3. Listing and conformity to applicable standards and

requirements of the State

iii. Clarify “license” vs. “contract”, stating the intent of the code

from the County Attorney

  1. Detail the health ordinances from the Building Department,

Health Department and the Fire Department. Also include a

traffic plan that considers the impact, capacity and safety of

Big Hollow Road and the gravel pit.

  1. Detail plans for the Community Advisory Committee
  2. Detail a security plan

vii. Detail the plan for the impact on the neighborhood with 8

residents and then with 24 residents.

  1. Second – Francis Smith
  2. Diane Grose: nay*
  3. Francis Smith: yea

iii. Barry Hobbs: yea

  1. Gary Weight: yea
  2. *Diane Grose changed her vote because the issue is being


  1. Richard Willes RA-5 Agricultural/Residential 1000 W 3000 S
  2. Richard Willes explained they need a residential permit because

the owner wants rooms upstairs. He said he was under the

impression it was okay if there was not a permanent kitchen.

  1. There was discussion about people living in barns and that it could

not be used for animals. Francis Smith was concerned with the


  1. Motion – Francis Smith
  2. To approve for single family residence
  3. Second – Barry Hobbs
  4. Passed unanimous
  5. Minutes
  6. Motion – Gary Weight
  7. To approve as written
  8. Second – Francis Smith
  9. Passed unanimous
  10. Adjourn
  11. Motion – Diane Grose
  12. To adjourn
  13. Second – Gary Weight
  14. Passed unanimous
  15. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.

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