Planning Commission minutes June 18, 2008

Town Of Daniel

Daniel Planning Review Board


June 18, 2008

County Health Department

North Conference Room

7:00 pm

Quorum: Diane Grose, Francis Smith, Ed Pressgrove, Eric Bunker, Barry Hobbs

Eric Bunker called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.

  1. Public Comment
  2. Diane Grose voiced concern about the big trucks driving on Little

Sweden road, over the posted speed limit. Eric Bunker told her the

Town had no authority to limit travel or our Class C road funds

could be taken away.

  1. Agricultural Building – Jeff Webb (not present)
  2. Eric Bunker presented the plat map and application and told the

Board members where and what the building is going to be.

  1. Motion – Ed Pressgrove
  2. To approve
  3. Second – Francis Smith
  4. Passed unanimous

Lynn Crisler came in at 7:15 pm.

  1. Agricultural Building – Lynn Jacobsen
  2. Eric Bunker presented the application and the site plan. He

explained it was basically like the Jeff Webb project.

  1. Motion – Barry Hobbs
  2. To approve
  3. Second – Diane Grose
  4. Passed unanimous
  5. Mike Peterson – Building Concept Approval
  6. Eric Bunker explained Mike Peterson had not received UDOT


  1. Motion: Francis Smith
  2. Continue pending previous information request
  3. Second: Diane Grose
  4. Passed unanimous
  5. Commercial concept Sherry Sawdey
  6. Eric Bunker explained Sherry Sawdey had applied for a zone

change (commercial) for her entire parcel. He handed out maps,

concept and application. He explained how the commercial zone

fits in the General Plan and told Sherry Sawdey she would have to

notify her neighbors and a Public Meeting would have to be held.

  1. There was discussion on the concept.

Gary Weight arrived at 7:34 p.m.

  1. Motion: Barry Hobbs
  2. Accept the application with the recommendations in the staff


  1. Second: Ed Pressgrove
  2. Passed unanimous
  3. Home for Disability in P-160 (Corbin Linde)
  4. Brian Murdock distributed packets to the Board. Eric Bunker

explained that the Health Department approved sewer and water.

  1. Corbin Linde summarized the items the Board asked him to

address previously. There was discussion on the items. The cncern

from the Board that there was adequate water, sewer and fire

protection for up to 25 students.

  1. Motion: Lynn Crisler
  2. Accept the application because it meets all the requirements.

The DPRB asks to be notified when the school plans to

increase the number of students it will house and that the

school add to the advisory board a neighbor of the school.

  1. Second: Diane Grose
  2. Ed Pressgrove: yea
  3. Gary Weight: yea

iii. Barry Hobbs: yea

  1. Lynn Crisler: yea
  2. Diane Grose: yea
  3. Francis Smith: nay
  4. Nephi Trunell – Site plan concept approval
  5. Eric Bunker distributed the packets to the Board. Paul Berg of Berg

Engineering explained the concept of the project, stated that they

had applied for a variance from UDOT for highway access (so the

main access would not be from Little Sweden Road) and said they

were planning to apply for a zone change.

  1. There was discussion on the project.
  2. Motion: Lynn Crisler
  3. Accept the application with the 6 staff recommendations in

the staff report.

  1. Second: Barry Hobbs
  2. Passed unanimous
  3. Sky Properties
  4. Dave Wilkinson and Scott Care explained their concept plan for the

Distefano property across from the transfer station. They plan to

build a building to be leased by the state for a DMV office and a

storage facility. There was discussion on the concept ideas. Access

was an issue.

  1. Minutes
  2. Motion: Diane Grose
  3. Accept
  4. Second: Barry Hobbs
  5. Passed Unanimous
  6. Administrative Issues
  7. Eric Bunker introduced Kathy Jo
  8. Percy as the new secretary for the DPRB. He also mentioned the

Town was searching for a Treasurer.

  1. Adjourn
  2. Motion: Diane Grose
  3. To adjourn
  4. Second: Lynn Crisler
  5. Passed unanimous
  6. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

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