Planning Commission minutes February 17, 2010

Daniel Town Planning Commission

17 Feb 2010 7:00 p.m.

County Community Service Building 55 S 500 E Heber, UT Room 132

A Quorum is present: Jaye Binkerd, Kim Norris, Gary Weight and Barry Hobbs. Ed Pressgrove is

excused for illness, Chairman Eric Bunker is excused, and Lynn Crisler was not in attendance.

Public in attendance: Ryan Taylor: Epic Engineering, Lance Turner, Darwin McGuire and Mayor Mike


Assistant Chairman, Gary Weight called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

1- Public comment (2 minutes please)

There were no public comments.

2- Public Hearing: Flood Plain Map

State Law and the Town of Daniel requires a public hearing to be held on any item affecting the Land

Use.. We are not able to hold this Public Hearing tonight on this issue as it has not been properly noticed. If

adopted the new Flood Plain Map will become an ordinance in the Land Use Plan.

Kim Norris made a motion to table this issue till next month. Barry Hobbs seconded the motion, the

vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

3- Approval of the January 2010 minutes

Kim Norris moved to accept the January minutes. Jaye Binkerd seconded the motion, the vote was

unanimous and the motion carried.

4- Administrative issues

Kim Norris had questions about building code violations and how they are enforced. He knew of two or

three permits that were in violation of the building codes. Lance Turner explained that a “red tag” is placed on

the permit and Eric Bunker is notified. Eric then follows up by visiting the sites and discussing the violations

with the owners of the permits. Mayor Duggin explained that if necessary they can enforce compliance to the

codes through the law by filing on the permit and taking it to Justice Court if needed.

5- “Open and Public Meeting Act” training. A Joint Meeting with the Town Council for training


Mayor Duggin reviewed “Utah Code: Title 52: Public Officers, Chapter 4: Open and Public Meetings

Act, Section 101. He explained that it is required to hold this training once a year. He passed out copies of the

Open and Public Meeting Act to all town and commission members present and the secretary and then reviewed

the major points of this Act.

Daniel Town resident Darwin McGuire commented after the training that he hoped everyone on both

boards would take time to read these papers carefully and have a thorough understanding and comprehension of

how to act on any given situation that might arise.

6- Motion to adjourn.

Barry Hobbs moved to adjourn the meeting. Jaye Binkerd seconded the motion, the vote was

unanimous and the motion carried. The meeting ended at 7:35 p.m.

Kathy-Jo Percy: Secretary

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