Planning Commission minutes April 15, 2009







A quorum is present: Gary Weight, Barry Hobbs, Diane Grose, Kim Norris,

Eric Bunker, and Lynn Crisler who came in at 7:10.

Eric Bunker called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Members of the public signing in as attendees were Chip Turner, Gary Walton, Ryan

Taylor, Merry Duggin, and Mayor Mike Duggin.

Public comment (2 minutes please)

Barry Hobbs received a letter from Charleston stating the following:

“Charleston Town is considering amending the Annexation Policy and

Map in the area of land owned by Binggeli Rock. A public hearing for all affected

entities is scheduled for May 28, 2009, at 7 pm in the Planning Commission Meeting and

June 4th Board meeting both at Charleston Town Hall.”

We believe that the property affected (Binggeli Rock) could also conceivably

affect Daniel Town, and we should be interested in what they are planning to do. You

may want to consider attending this public hearing. Someone from the town and planning

commission should be there.

Merry Duggin, town recorder, asked for approval of the CDBG minutes as there

were changes made to put those minutes into the correct format as required by CDBG.

Gary Weight noted one typo.

Gary Weight moved that we accept the minutes as corrected for the November

19, 2008 planning commission minutes. Barry Hobbs seconded the motion, the vote

was unanimous and the motion carried.

Diane Grose made a motion that the planning board can approve the minutes

over the internet for the 2nd public hearing for the CDBG as per Mary Duggin’s


Discussion: Lynn Crisler asked that it be changed to read “be approved over

the internet and by phone after reading a hard copy as he cannot do it over the


Motion by Diane Grose now stands as the board can approve the minutes over

the internet or by phone call after reading hard copy for the 2nd public hearing for the

CDBG as per Mary Duggin’s request. Gary Weight seconded the motion, the vote was

unanimous and the motion carried.

Eric reported that the Daniel Academy personnel and their students have adopted

Big Hollow Road to 3000 South as their area to keep the road sides clean. They are

looking for other community service projects as this is part of the students’ curriculum.

The owners have encouraged the public to visit and tour the academy, meet the students,

ask any questions they may have, and suggest any way in which the students can help the

town of Daniel.

Eric doesn’t think they have set up the citizen/advisory council yet as agreed to in

previous meetings. Need to check this out.

1- Brandon Larson building permit review: 4791 S Haven Estates Dr.:


Eric Bunker explained that this will be handled administratively.

2- Keele Residence- Building permit: 1471 E Little Sweden Road.

Ryan Taylor told the board that the Keele’s called to explain that they could not

be at the meeting as they were hauling snow. Ryan presented the spec letter and the plan

drawings to the council members for their review. Eric noted that there weren’t any

plumbing plans included. The board also wished to see a letter of water approval from

Twin Creeks Domestic Water.

Barry Hobbs moved that we approve the building permit for the Keele residence

subject to meeting the conditions outlined in the Epic Engineering letter dated April 7,

2009 plus two additional requirements which are; Submittal of plumbing plans and an

intent to serve letter of approval from Twin Creeks Domestic Water. Gary Weight

seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous and the motion passed.

3- Public Hearing: Daniel Town General and Land Use Plan.

Lynn Crisler moved to open the public hearing. Kim Norris seconded the

motion and the vote was unanimous.

Eric opened the public hearing.

Public comments follow.

Chip Turner reviewed the history of 1200 West and the traffic problems existing

on that road. He is worried about the second to last paragraph in the Daniel Land Use

Plans which states: “With the anticipated industrial and residential growth in the area

proposed to be annexed by Heber city in the Daniel Planning area, 2400 South should be

extended as a collector road from US 40 west to 1200 West. Also 1200 West to 3000

South will require designation as a collector road.” He would like to see this changed as

the residents along this road do not wish to be designated as a collector road allowing

increased industrial traffic.

Merry Duggin thanked the commission for looking at the general and land use

plans. She reminded us that we are the town of Daniel not Daniels (with an‘s’). She

would like to see the rural atmosphere continue by staying with five acre building lots,

cleaning up the town, and removal of old non-operational vehicles in the area that could

contaminate our ground water. She would like to see us encourage more economic

development. Business along highway 40 would be good for the town. The town is in

need of an economic base. She would like to see the phrase “improve the morals”

removed from the general plan. Ms Grose thinks that the term is referring more to

business ethics than personal morals. Mr. Weight agrees with Merry in that we have rules

and regulations which govern town and business polices and that the use of “morals” is


Mayor Duggin would like to see a clarification of the term “Enterprise Zone”

included in the plan.

Other comments included using the term “green” in one or both of the plans; that

we become more “agriculturally” friendly by encouraging the use of alternative energy

such as windmills (WECS).

Mr. Weight suggested that all the board members come to next month’s meeting

with specific suggestions as to what they would like to see added, changed, and/or

deleted from the two plans.

Gary Weight moved that we continue the public hearing on the general and

land use plans until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Diane Grose seconded the

motion, the vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

4- Public Hearing: C.D.B.G. (Community Development Block Grant)

Gary Weight moved to open the public hearing on the CDBG. Kim Norris

seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Eric Bunker opened the public hearing.

Mayor Duggin read a letter stating the specific steps that must be followed in

order to receive and use the funds from the CDBG grant.

I now refer you to Recorder Merry Duggin’s minutes for this portion of the

meeting which can be found on the town website:

Diane Grose moved to close the public hearing for the CDBG. Barry Hobbs

seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous

5- Approval of minutes for 03-18-2009

Diane Grose moved to approve the minutes for 03-18-2009. Gary Weight

seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

6- Administrative issues: Administrative building permits, water, annexations, etc.

The building permit for Brandon Larson was handled administratively.

Kim Norris reported on his research about windmills. He is looking for help from

Jon Blotter or a manufacturer for a better definition of sound decibels. It was mentioned

that Wasatch County has some good information on guidelines concerning this matter.

A request was made that the commission members need to be actively looking

into this matter concerning windmills as the six month moratorium was passed by the

town council. It would be much better to resolve the issues as early as possible.

Kim Norris, Lot 1, asked approval to move his agricultural building to the NE

corner of his property. He will meet all setbacks, 50 feet from the corners and 100 feet

from his home to allow for animals. This will be handled administratively.

7- Motion to adjourn.

Barry Hobbs moved to adjourn the meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 9:37 p.m.

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