Planning Commission minutes March 18, 2009






ROOM # 132 AT 7:00 P.M.

A Quorum is present: Diane Grose, Barry Hobbs, Gary Weight, Kim Norris, Lynn

(Boots) Crisler, and Eric Bunker

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Members of the public signing as being in attendance: Ryan Taylor, Chip Turner, Darwin

McGuire, Cody Remund, Taylor Avery, Trustin Wade, Josh Phillips, Paul Berg, Sidne

Tuiono, Allie Capunay, and others. The Secretary noted others present who did not sign

the roster.

There were no Public comments

1- Mike Peterson- Daniel Plaza

Mike Peterson reported that UDOT approved the shared access from highway 40

for his and Trunnell’s businesses.

Mike informed the board that the Daniel Plaza development is on hold for now

due to the down turn in the economy and also that it was necessary for him to request the

release of the $25,000 landscape bond being held by Wasatch County to allow him to

obtain the building permit. In order to do so he needed Mr. Bunker’s signature on the

Mylar copy of the lot-line adjustment plans he brought with him and the approval of the

planning board for the release. Mr. Bunker added his signature to the plans after

informing the board that he had spoken with the County and they had no objections.

Barry Hobbs moved that they grant the request of the release of the landscape bond for

Daniel Plaz, Lynn Crisler seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous and the

motion carried.

2- Nephi Trunnell- Commercial concept approval, Phase one

Paul Berg presented Conceptual drawings to board members of Phase 1. They

have been working with UDOT to try to keep construction trucks off Little Sweden road

while building Phase 1. The agreement from previous meetings was to allow the building

of Phase 1 with commercial traffic access from Little Sweden road. They would then

keep track of the traffic conditions to see if they could continue to use Little Sweden after

Phase 2 was built. The board was reminded that the Company needed the funds generated

from the use of the first two phases to help fund the monies needed to complete the

access from Highway 40. Paul addressed each request made in a letter they received from

Epic Engineering concerning lighting, building plans, parking, signs, septic drain field,

site access, building setbacks, the Hanson property, and documents requested. They will

come before the planning board for approval as each phase is ready to be built. They have

included adjustable parking spaces, meaning that they can add more as needed up to the

maximum required per number of buildings constructed. There will be no parking in the

street as there will be plenty of parking spaces within the site.

Paul Berg spoke with Daniel Irrigation about the ditch running along the property

that faces Little Sweden Road. They were told that they would have to place a 21 inch (or

larger) pipe in the ditch in order to close that opening because it is a flood channel. The

board asked that they get in writing the approved width of the pipe from the irrigation


Kim Norris moved that we grant concept approval based upon the review

comments from the March 16, 2009 letter provide by Paul Berg subject to Epic

Engineering’s conditions 1 thru 11 dated March 10, 2009. Lynn Crisler seconded the

motion, the vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

3- Daniel Town General Plan (review for changes, Set public hearing)

Eric informed the board that if they did not have any changes to make it would

not be necessary to hold a public meeting.

Gary explained that he would like to add a vision of where we want to go or be in

20 years and make a few other minor changes to refine the plan and make it clearer.

Others of the board expressed the same ideas and were in agreement with Mr. Weight.

Diane Grose moved that a public hearing be set for April 15th, 2009 to be held at

the end of the regular meeting after the applicants to review the Daniel general plan.

Gary Weight seconded the motion. Vote: Diane Grose-aye, Barry Hobbs-aye, Gary

Weight-aye, Kim Norris-nay, Lynn (Boots) Crisler-aye. Motion carried.

4- Daniel Town Land Use Plan (review for changes, set public hearing)

Lynn Crisler moved that we set a public hearing to discuss the land use plan at

the April 15th Planning meeting in conjunction with the Daniel general plan. Kim

Norris seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

5- Wind Turbine Ordinance

Jim McCleary came before the board a couple of months ago to get the planning

boards feelings about putting in a wind turbine on his property to “go green” with

electrical power. As the turbine would be considered an accessory building and if he were

to follow all the current rules and regulations he could put one in now. The board

members were not in favor of this plan hoping to keep the visual aesthetics of the town

more pristine. Barry Hobbs thinks the town needs a new W.E.C.S. (Wind Energy

Conversion System) ordinance with conditions. Mr. Weight feels that it would be a

mistake to put in an ordinance right now. Eric Bunker reminded the council members that

“Our purpose is to let the applicant know ‘How you can do this’ ”.

Gary Weight moved that we recommend to the town council that we put a six

month moratorium on the wind energy conversion system to allow time to study and

evaluate them and create appropriate recommendations for ordinances and/or codes.

Lynn Crisler seconded the motion. Vote: Diane Grose-abstained, Barry Hobbs-aye,

Gary Weight-aye, Kim Norris-aye, Lynn Crisler-aye. Motion carried.

6- Approval of minutes

Diane Grose moved that the minutes of February 2009 be approved. Barry

Hobbs seconded the motion, all were in favor and the motion carried.

7- Administrative issues: Building permit, water, annexation, etc.

Eric Bunker has a building permit to build a double grain silo on his property

obtained from the county before the town was created. He is now asking the Planning

Commission to approve the building permit. He left the room to avoid any conflict of


Diane Grose moved that the board extend this application. Barry Hobbs

seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Water update: Tentatively, there should be money available for a new tank from

CDBG funds.

It is possible that an annexation request will come before the board concerning the

“no man’s land” (county land) between the airport and the town boundaries.

8- Motion to adjourn.

Lynn Crisler moved that the meeting be adjourned. Barry Hobbs seconded the

motion. The meeting ended at 9: 15 pm

Daniel Planning reserves the right to change order of, and add agenda items.

In keeping with the American Disability Act all are invited to attend.

If you need Special accommodations please call Eric Bunker 654-0409 Forty Eight, 48

hours before the meeting.

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