Council meeting minutes February 7, 2007

Town of Daniel
Town Council Minutes
Wasatch County Services Building
55 South 500 East
February 5, 2007
5:30 PM

Quorum present: Gary Walton, Jon Blotter, Mike Duggin, Dan Harvath, and Eric Bunker

Mayor Duggin called the meeting to order at 8:09 PM due to the length of the Open Space Initiative presentation by Christie Oostema prior to the regular town council meeting.

1. Minutes. Gary Walton made a motion to accept the minutes of January 8, 2007 as written. Seconded by Eric Bunker, the motion passed unanimously.

2. Community Development Block Grant proposal update. Lambert Deegan complimented Mayor Duggin and Mr. Harvath on “a job well done” concerning the paperwork of the proposal. Mr. Deegan reported that the proposal was well received by the CDBG committee, and he was hopeful that the Daniel sidewalk proposal would be approved for the $150,000 requested for this year. If the request is successful there will be a need to closely watch expenses with the proposal as it has already cost Daniel town approximately $1850 for engineering fees with Epic Engineering. In discussing Epic, Mayor Duggin indicated he would be speaking with Epic Engineering concerning billing problems. It was noted that Ms. Ramona Beuk had cost the town well above the fee charged in her conditional use permit request.

3. Building permits. Mayor Duggin reported that Daniel has a new 3 letter identifier for Daniel permits (DAN). Brian Preece will be conducting our inspections and can also do fire inspections. We will be testing our hydrants for pressure to set our standards. Mr. Bunker shared with the council that no town has adopted a particular fire law flow standard because once adopted, the town can be held to that standard. There is no state standard. Mayor Duggin stated that Daniel should adopt a standard we could meet. Mr. Lynn Crisler said that hydrant pressure should not be a problem, but he would like to have someone from the Daniel water board to be present during the test.

4. Snowplow update. Mr. Crisler reported that the snowplow had burned out the hydraulic pump. He discovered the wrong size pump had been installed in the equipment causing the failure. He is replacing it, and then the truck should be in good shape and running well. It could possibly last 10 years with proper maintenance and reasonable use. He believed that Daniel has spent approximately $1500 on the snowplow to date and thought the hydraulic pump might cost $900 more. He reported that Mr. Kent Berg had been very helpful in providing information about the operation of the plow to him, and Charleston has been very helpful in “backing us up” in case we have problems with snow removal. He asked the council to write a letter of thanks to Charleston for all their help. Mr. Crisler said that Darwin McGuire would store the snowplow on his property in the off season. Mayor Duggin reported that Wallsburg turns their Class C road funds over to Wasatch County in exchange for the county maintaining their roads and wondered if this would be a good option for Daniel to pursue. He indicated he would ask County Councilman Kip Bangerter to research this with Wasatch County.

5. Gun Club update. Mayor Duggin announced that the next Gun Club meeting would be an open meeting on Tues. Feb. 13 at 5:30 PM in the Wasatch County building. The mayor would like to move the gun range from its present location, but he reported that he got no positive response from the committee about this possibility. John Fairchild wants to set up hard hours and range supervision and hoped law enforcement would be able to assist with supervision. Mr. Harvath indicated that he had a problem with using public tax dollars for what he considered a private purpose. Mr. Bunker shared that Category I officers and SWAT members need to qualify at our range with automatic weapons as it is the nearest one available to them.

6. Big Hollow Road. Mayor Duggin reported that the survey has cost the town $3,400 thus far, and since Epic did not place pins as requested or record the survey, it is not complete. He thought it would cost more. The council repeated their request for a letter to be sent to the Daniel Domestic Water Company concerning inadequate repairs made to the road when adjusting water lines.

7. Committee reports. Mr. Bunker reported that the Planning Commission had approved 2 building permits (Joe Gordon and Kent and Cathy Bethers). He also expects Lee Skinner to request a conditional use permit for a dog kennel. Mr. Bunker also indicated that he was receiving numerous calls asking for information about lots located within Daniel. The council believed that these people should go to the county recorder’s office to check on these lots for themselves. To be a lot of record, the plat should be recorded. Mr. Bunker reported that the Planning Commission had had to honor 2 letters signed by county planners for development. The council felt that letters should be recorded in order to be honored.

8. Closed session. At 8:45 PM Mayor Duggin suggested that the council go into closed session to discuss the Smith lawsuit.

9. Motion to adjourn was made by Eric Bunker and seconded by Dan Harvath. It was approved unanimously, and the meeting adjourned at 9:14 PM.

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