Council meeting minutes August 7, 2006

Town of Daniel
Town Council

Meeting Minutes
August 7, 2006

Quorum: Mike Duggin, Dan Harvath, Gary Walton, John Blotter,
Eric Bunker

Residential Solicitation – A model ordinance was introduced and
Read by Dan Harvath. It explained what was acceptable
Solicitation and exemptions.
Mayor Duggin tabled the ordinance.

Agenda Item #1 – Update on Gun Club
John Fairchild representing DWR updated the Council on
The progress being made. The recommendations will be
Taken to the County. The options being discussed are:
1. Creating a berm as a sound barrier and for security
2. Security fencing for both the Pistol and Rifle Range
And the HVGC area
3. Modifying the entrance
-moving the entrance further east
-installing a security gate
4. Expansion of Pistol and Rifle Range

Mayor Duggin suggested that
hard hours be set
a range officer be employed
A town code be fashioned so that citations could be issued

John Fairchild explained that they have isolated where the problems are and that he has met with the HVGC and they
Were receptive. He has the package together and is ready to
Meet with the vendor so everyone is on the same page
When an agreement is made he will meet with the county
Re: law enforcement
Gary Walton asked about a timetable

John Fairchild stated that DWR would have a draft agreement
And a meeting in August and will update the Council in September.

Carol Bates stated that hard hours are important and that
A good schedule is important

Mike Sullivan stated that the activity needs to be supervised
And less more concentrated hour would be better

Eric Bunker reported on the berm. He estimated that it would
Take 13,000 yards of material to make the berm 13 feet
High. That is approximately 650 truck loads of material.
There are two people interested.

Kipp Bangerter, a Wasatch County Commissioner, reported that
The county is concerned with
There is not discrimination

Agenda Item #4 – Smith Disconnect

Public hearing (10.2.502-5 – 45 days)
Eric Bunker received a letter from Yeates (Smith attorney) stating
The property is an island
Services are provided
The property will loose value if it is not disconnected
Eric addressed the items in order. First the property is not an
Island. Second the property will not loose value, it will increase
Because of the rural atmosphere. A change for zoning on the property can be applied for but if they are allowed to disconnect
The property would return to the county.

Dan Harvath stated that if they disconnected back to the county
The zoning would be RA-5.
Josh Yeates asked what the possible zoning would be for the

Mayor Duggin replied

Josh Yeates asked about access issues regarding new zoning

Dan Harvath stated that the current access is adequate.

A discussion ensued on the possibilities of, once disconnected,
The property being accepted into Heber City and the overlapping
Of land use and annexation policy plans by Heber City and Wasatch County.

The issue of who decided on the Town of Daniel boundary was
Raised and it was explained that they were drawn according to
Who signed the petitions.

Kristi Cox asked what the Town of Daniel hoped to accomplish
By keeping the property in the town.

Gary Walton answered that they were included because they
Signed the petition and they did not want to be a part of
Heber City. This would defeat 9 years work.

Kristi Cox stated that no one wants high density housing and
Questioned what the Council was accomplishing by leaving
A peninsula.

Mayor Duggin stated that the Town of Daniel 20 year annexation
Policy intends to annex and the Smith property allows contiguity.

Gary Walton asked the Smiths how long they have owned the

Susan Smith replied 3 years.
Gary Walton stated that the approval for the town happened
Earlier this year and that the Council had no control of where
The boundaries were drawn.

Ron Smith stated that he was the petition signer and he signed
To limit further development. They are new property owners and
He thought her was limiting growth around his property and that
He was mislead.

Gary Walton stated that we did not know Heber City was going
To develop the surrounding property high density.

Kristi Cox asked that politics be left out of the question and that
We look at the facts
Will not allow a disconnect serve a purpose or
Will it be a sore spot
It is a unique piece of property

There was more discussion on border and boundaries, zoning
And the value of the property. It was explained that Smiths
Could apply for a zoning change.

Motion: Eric Bunker
To not allow the disconnect because it does not meet
The provisions of 10.2.502-7
Second Dan Harvath
Roll Call
Eric Bunker Yea
Gary Walton Yea
Mike Duggin Yea
John Blotter Yea
Dan Harvath Yea

Agenda Item #2 – Residential Solicitation
Eric Bunker is concerned because the ordinance may leave the
Town open to a lawsuit

Dan Harvath stated that the only modification to the ordinance
Was that municipality was changed to town and the
Numbering was changed

Motion – Eric Bunker
To accept 2006-08 as published
Second – Gary Walton
Roll call
Eric Bunker Yea
Gary Walton Yea
Mike Duggin Yea
John Blotter Yea
Dan Harvath Yea

Mayor Duggin stated that we need to clean up the required signature blocks on the mylars. He suggested that we could delete the County Surveyor.

Gary Walton stated that each application has its own criteria
For blocks

Dan Harvath stated that it is not discriminatory because it is
Judged by plot not by project

Mayor Duggin suggested that we move to a kinder/gentler
Point and make it simpler to accomplish the same things.
This is a basket of tools for Planning.

Dan Harvath stated that Planning will have to be consistent.

Gary Walton asked if this change would be ordinance or policy

Dan Harvath suggested that there be a list for each application

Mayor Duggin continued the issue.

Agenda Item #3 – Nuisance Officer

Gary Walton talked with the County Sheriff. He is not in favor of
A private individual as the Nuisance Officer. He suggested that
The Sheriffs office do it. He wants to meet with the Council.

Dan Harvath suggested that we make an ordinance so that
The Town could collect the revenues.

Gary Walton will set up a meeting with the Sheriff and a
County representative.

The issue was continued to the next meeting.

Agenda Item #5 – Vacate road in Giles subdivision
Mayor Duggin stated that it has been properly noticed in the
Paper and that it is acceptable to all involved parties.

Motion – John Blotter
To vacate the bulb plus 20 foot PUE plus 20 foot.
Second – Eric Bunker
Roll call
Eric Bunker Yea
Gary Walton Yea
Mike Duggin Yea
Dan Harvath Yea
John Blotter Yea

Next meeting – September 11, 2006

Motion – Gary Walton
To adjourn
Second – Eric Bunker
Passed unanimously

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