Planning minutes August 19, 2020

Daniel Planning Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 7:00 PM
Wasatch County Services Building, Room 126
55 South 500 East, Heber City, UT
Remote Site: Electronic Meeting

A quorum is present: Chairman Bunker and Commissioners Rawlings, Weight, Skinner, McAllister and Bennett were present. Commissioner Norris was excused.

Members of the public in attendance: Ryan Taylor with GDA Engineers, Jeff Trimble, Shelly Bunker. Secretary Keary Stephens.

1. Public Comment:

No comments

2. Gebo would like to address the Commission.

They were not present at the meeting.

3. TRC Construction – Rex Sorenson – Preliminary Concept Approval 2588 W 3000 HWY 189: Continued from July 15th meeting.

Rex is kind of unsure where to go. We can make it a bigger road right at that area to promote people to go back to the highway. Commissioner Rawlings wants an Island to make the traffic turn right. Commissioner Weight states that we can’t make it so inconvenient to get in and out. This tonight is just a basic concept.

Commissioner Skinner moved to approve Preliminary Concept as Ryan stated tonight. Commissioner Weight seconded it. Roll call vote: Aye Commissioner’s Skinner, Weight, Eric. Abstained: Commissioner Rawlings. Motion failed.
This is just an approval for the preliminary concept approval. We are just voting on this.

Commissioner Skinner moved that we approve the preliminary concept approval for TRC Construction with the condition that we consider an Island in the future to encourage traffic back to HWY 189. Commissioner
Eric seconded it.

Commissioner Rawlings states that he is not comfortable with it stated we would consider an island. Commissioner Weight stated that we can’t put an Island because of the Transfer Station across the street.

Commissioner Skinner move to amend the motion approve the Preliminary Concept to include traffic mitigation. Commissioner Eric Seconded it. Roll call vote: Aye Commissioner’s Skinner, Eric, Weight. Nay: Commissioner’s McAllister and Rawlings. Motion failed.

Commissioner Weight to approve the Preliminary Concept of the Sorenson development with thee considering that there maybe additional traffic limiting designs required. Commissioner Skinner seconded it. Roll call vote. Aye: Commissioners Skinner, Weight, Bennett, McAllister. Nay: Commissioner Rawlings. Motion carried.

4. Jeff Trimble – Concept Approval 3300 S HWY 40.

They need to get HWY approval for access, and they want to make it commercial. They just want to make sure they can get concept approval.

Commissioner McAllister moved that we give preliminary approval to make it commercial. Commissioner Skinner seconded it.

We can’t make it commercial, what we need to look at as a concept and whether or not we can approve it.

Commissioner McAllister moved to approve the preliminary concept for commercial zone on the Trimble property. Commissioner Skinner seconded it. Roll call vote. Aye: Commissioner’s Skinner, McAllister, Weight. Nay: Commissioner’s Rawlings, Bennett. Motion failed.

The commission would like to see a different concept and would like to get public input. They can come back with a different concept.

Commissioner Rawlings moved to continue this discussion and this consideration for this property for the next agenda. Commissioner Bennett seconded it. Roll call vote. Aye: Commissioner’s Skinner, Rawlings, McAllister, Weight, Bennett. Motion passed.

5. Brady Karen – Garage Permit.

We still have a fee issues so that permit has not been issued yet. It is a shop with electricity.

6. Sam Stout – Ag Building.

In progress.

7. Planner Report.

It is basically all the previous items we have been discussing. We have been going over all the open permits. We do have a generator install that is an open permit. We do the electrical on that and bill for it. On a previous commercial property, you approved building 1, how do you want to handle buildings 2,3. Commissioner Rawlings suggested that we do it administratively. Discussing the fires in Daniels, what we can maybe do to prevent them.

8. Minute approval for the July 15, 2020.

Corrections for the minutes, Amelia Pays not Payas and a date change.
Still working on the water issue with Charleston.

Commissioner Weight moved to approve the minutes of July 15,2020 with the discussed corrections. Commissioner Weight seconded. Roll call vote. Aye: Commissioner’s Skinner, Bennett, Weight, Rawlings, McAllister. Motion carried.

9. Adjournment.

Commissioner Weight Moved to Adjourn the meeting of August 19,2020.
Commission Skinner Seconded. Motion carried.

Keary Stephens

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