Planning Commission minutes January 23, 2009






ROOM # 132 AT 7:00 P.M.



Eric opened the meeting at 7:01 p.m. There was a quorum present: Eric Bunker,

Lynn (Boots) Crisler, Kim Norris, Gary Weight, and Barry Hobbs. Diane Gross was


The meeting was opened for any public comments. There were none.

  1. Nephi Trunnell Concept and design discussion on Commercial property

located on Highway 40 and Little Sweden

Paul Berg explained that they were here to show the new concept plan. These

plans are an update of the final plan with two major changes. They are dropping from 18

to 14 units. They removed one 4-plex unit to allow for more parking and open space. To

help make this commercial site more aesthetically pleasing along highway 40 units 5 and

6 will be fronted with glass.

Nephi Trunnell and Parker Lindsey, who owns adjacent property, have a written

letter of approval from UDOT concerning the entrance/exit to the property from Highway

  1. They are seeking feedback from the council about letting them use the entrance they

have on Little Sweden Road as access to the property for the first phase; the building and

commercial use of two duplex buildings (4 units total); one on either side of the entrance.

They would like to use the money generated from these first two commercial buildings as

income to help pay the cost of laying all the asphalt required to create the entrance/exit

from Highway 40. Boots asked if it would be possible to have the heavier construction

vehicles enter and exit the property from highway 40 but it was determined that it would

create a traffic hazard on the highway.

Mr. Bunker asked if there would be a problem with fire truck access into the

property but Paul Berg assured him there would be plenty of room to enter and exit and

there would be a turn-around big enough to accommodate a fire truck.

Mr. Weight suggested that they build the first duplex and see what the traffic flow

would be like on Little Sweden and/or if it would create a traffic hazard on the road.

Then they would determine if they could follow the same procedure to build the second

duplex. These two duplexes would house five to eight commercial businesses.

Paul Berg agreed that this would be a good idea.

They were also reminded by the board that a solid fence is required as a buffer

between businesses and residential and to pay close attention to the lighting that will be

used; that it will not bother the residents.

No motion was needed on this tonight as they were only seeking suggestions from

the board which they will take under advisement.

  1. Mike Peterson Building permit for Commercial Property located on Hwy 40

They are here tonight to request approval for a building permit.

Mr. Bunker raised the question concerning the lot-line change. The information in

his packet does not match what was approved earlier concerning the north/south line

between the Davis and Peterson property. Paul Berg thought that an updated plan had

been approved already. Mr. Bunker stated that the town needed a recorded paper with

the correct lot-line adjustment before approval for the building permit could be issued.

Mr. Berg said he would get the recorded lot-line adjustment letter to Mr. Bunker. Mr.

Berg also, said they were waiting on the Health Department to make a final call on the

traps and drainage needed for this property.

Lynn (Boots) Crisler moved to recommend approval with the seven specifications

we spoke of tonight:

  1. The applicant transfer irrigation water shares to the Town
  2. The applicant provide approval letters from:
  3. UDOT
  4. Wasatch County Health Department
  5. Wasatch County Fire Department
  6. Twin Creeks Water District
  7. Wasatch County Water Agency
  8. The applicant provides the additional calculations and modifications to the plans.
  9. Staff has received and approved all of the above information
  10. Install a Sewer grease trap
  11. Create a storm drain maintenance agreement
  12. The proposed waterline from Little Sweden Road should run along HW-40

instead of through private property

Mr. Barry Hobbs seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. The motion passed.

  1. Harry Weyandt Concept approval for Commercial Property located at 1918

W 3000 S

Mr. Harry Weyandt expressed his appreciation to the council for their input and

suggestions which he then used in creating his Master Plan. Tonight, he is looking for

approval of the concept plan.

Mr. Weyandt displayed new artistic renderings of his concept plan for all to see.

He expressed appreciation for the public’s approval of what he wished to accomplish

while at the same time making note of the many concerns they expressed at the last

meeting, especially the traffic concerns. He has been working hard to address all those

concerns and created a list of steps and changes they have taken or propose to take to

lessen the traffic impact concerns at 3000 S and Hwy 189. He distributed a copy of

those 10 proposals to each board member and a two page paper of their discussions with

UDOT. He also distributed a paper explaining the four mixed use areas and zone codes

of the commercial business development.

Concern was expressed over the parking areas. They are short 15 parking spaces

according to the code. Mr. Weyandt explained that they were trying to be more

“environmentally green” but could easily add the 15 spaces if the council wished.

Tonight they are just looking for concept approval.

Mr. Bunker expressed concern that the concept drawings did not show the

concrete barrier wall along the property line between the commercial zone and his private

property as agreed to earlier. Mr. Weyandt thought the Bunkers might enjoy the look of

the landscaping between his property and the back walls of the storage facilities rather

than a concrete wall. Mr. Weyandt also couldn’t understand the need of a concrete wall

on the property line and landscaping between that wall and the back walls of the storage

units. The landscaping would then be pointless. Mr. Bunker would still like to have the

wall in place as a cushion against noise, lighting, and gas odors. There was some

confusion concerning the code ( about the exact placement of the wall. Does

it mean right on the property line or somewhere within the 20 ft? They will work on

resolving this issue.

Planning member Gary Weight moved that we approve the Weyandt mixed use

master plan with its Highway services, office, Business Park and ancillary storage

components. That we approve that parking requirements may be modified because of the

blended use with a minimum of 160 spaces. Parking will be reviewed before the approval

of each phase of the project. The plans for each phase will need to include the

infrastructure improvements tied with each phase before each phase is approved. The

issue of the fence or wall separating the commercial and residential areas must still be

resolved before a building permit is issued. Lynn Crisler seconded the motion. There was

discussion by board member Kim Norris: do we need to specify a timeline for which parts

of the highway and 3000 S are developed? Barry Hobbs stated those areas would be

addressed as the building permits for the various phases are approved. The vote was

unanimous and the motion carried.

  1. Approval of minutes

Planning member Barry Hobbs moved that we approve the minutes for December

17, 2008. Gary Weight seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous and the motion


  1. Administrative issues

Planning member Barry Hobbs moved that Eric Bunker be elected as Board

Chair. Lynn Crisler seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Lynn Crisler moved that Gary Weight be elected as Board Vice-Chair. Barry

Hobbs seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Water update: The Daniel Domestic Water Company is now part of town.

Eric talked to the board about the Cummings property located near Mill Rd and

Hwy 40. He informed the board that the owners of this property will likely come before

them in the near future with an application.

The board asked for any updates about Daniels Academy. Eric explained that it is

approved as a residential facility, a home for disabled residents, but not as an academy.

Board members wondered if it would be possible to have the sign changed which calls

the school an Academy when in fact it is not.

  1. Motion to adjourn.

Lynn Crisler moved that we adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 p.m.

Daniel Planning reserves the right to change order of, and add agenda items.

In keeping with the American Disability Act and all are invited to attend.

If you need Special accommodations please call Eric Bunker 654-0409 Forty Eight, 48

hours before the meeting. Written comment can be left at

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