Planning Commission minutes February 21, 2007

Town Of Daniel

Daniel Planning Review Board


February 21, 2007

Quorum: Gary Walton, Lynn Crisler, Mike Averett, Eric Bunker, Diane Grose, John Blotter

The meeting was called to order by Eric Bunker.  He asked if there was any Public Comment.  No one responded.

  1. Tod Johnson – Addition of Garage

Tod Johnson brought his plans before the Board

To get their opinion and find his best course of

Action.  After discussion, he decided that he would

Attach the garage.

  1. Harold Brown – Basement finish

Harold Brown applied for a permit to finish his basement at 1760 W 3000 S.

Motion – Lynn Crisler

To approve the permit with the condition that

The Health Department signs off on the sewer


Second – Mike Averett

Passed unanimous

  1. Dick Burton – Building permit

Dick Burton has applied for a building permit for his

Property at 2711 Teancum.  There was not a representative present.

Motion – Gary Walton

To move to a Public Hearing

Second – Lynn Crisler

Passed unanimous

  1. Public Hearing on the Conditional Use Permit for

Lee Skinner

Lee Skinner has applied for a conditional

Use permit to build a dog kennel on his

Property at 2730 Daniel Road.  The Board

Members received the packet from Wasatch

County.  There was discussion on the disposal

Of the water used to wash the kennel and

Lee Skinner explained.

Rory Singer, a neighbor, voiced concern over

The noise barking dogs would make. Lee Skinner

Explained how the kennel would be built to sound

Proof it and how dogs would be exercised one at

A time and always with a person to watch and

Control them.

Parking was addressed and Skinner explained

That there was adequate parking for their grooming business.

Eric Bunker stated that the plans were in compliance with all the Town ordinances.

Motion – Diane Grose

To approve the conditional use permit for a

Larger building of 2000 square feet (50×40)

And proposed conditions on page 3 of the

Staff report

Second – Lynn Crisler

Passed unanimous

Motion – Diane Grose

To include the kennel in the business

License with the conditions in the previous


Second – Gary Walton

Passed unanimous

  1. Dick Burton building permit application

The Public Hearing was still open and there was a

Discussion on Dick Burton’s plans to build a house on

Lot 3 of his property.  There was discussion about where

the house would go in relation to the existing


Motion – John Blotter

To accept Dick Burton’s plans for Lot 3 as

Applied for with a dumpster on sight during


Second – Lynn Crisler

Passed unanimous

The Public Hearing was closed by Eric Bunker.

Administrative Issues

Resolution to Town Council

There was discussion on sending a resolution

To the Town Council regarding the need for on

Site dumpsters and bathrooms during construction

Of structures 1500 square feet and above.


Eric Bunker asked if anyone reviewed

The codes.  He stated that changes need to

Go through the Public Hearing process.  He

Read the changes he wanted.

Approval of Minutes

Motion – John Blotter

To approve as written

Second – Lynn Crisler

Passed unanimous

The next meeting was scheduled for March 21.


Motion – Lynn Crisler

To adjourn

Second – Gary Walton

Passed unanimous

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