Council meeting minutes January 4, 2021

Daniel Town Council Work Meeting
Monday January 4,2021 @ 6 PM
Wasatch County Service Complex,
55 S 500 E, Conference Room B
Heber City, UT 84032

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Town Council Quorum: Mayor Chip Turner, Council members: Eric Bunker, John Glodowski and Stefanie Grady and Merry Duggin. Treasurer Sherri Price and Clerk Mary Snyder present.

Member of public: Amelia Pays (T-O Engineers), Shelly Bunker (Daniel Water Secretary), Ben Probst (Gilbert & Stewart); ONLINE: Ryan Taylor (T-O Engineers), Mike Connor, Pam Skinner,

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM by Mayor Turner.

Council member Duggin stated that Ruth McGuire, wife of Darwin McGuire passed away on December 8, 2020; as well as the last week, Dick Burton who donated to the Town.

2) ANNUAL AUDIT FY 2019/2020 Presented by Ben Probst:
Skipped for time being as Gilbert & Stewart were not present.

Council member Glodowski made a motion to enter the public hearing for the 2020/2021 FY Amended budget, seconded by Council member Duggin. FOR: Mayor Turner, Council members: Bunker, Duggin, Grady and Glodowski.

3) PUBLIC HEARING: 2020/2021 Amended Budget:
A copy of the budget was provided for review. Clerk Snyder stated that snow removal may be something to look at increasing. In years past, the Wasatch County agreement was for $74.00 per hour, $41.00 per cubic yard and $56.00 per hour for sign repairs. The 2020-2021 snow removal agreement is contracted at $160.30 per hour, salt $41.00 per cubic yard and signed repair at $67.79. The County stated that the rate increase is due to the FEMA set rates and this year the rates had a significant increase because they had not implemented the rate in prior contract terms.
Council member Duggin also provided a letter to Council with items that she felt needed to be reviewed such as CARES Funds and Road Funds. Per the CARES Funds, there are a few items that have not been pay requested that do not reflect in the CARES money and a few items that need to have journal entries completed per the money that was spent. All items will reflect in the budget through the CARES Act under revenues and Admin CARES Act for expenditures in Pelorus. Council member Duggin also stated that the deadline has been moved June 30, 2021 if the money has not been spent.
Per the road projects, due to the recent approved project expenditures need to be increased to $135,000.00 and Class C Road Funds revenue $155,000.00. Per the Storm Haven Water Budget, increase the IT Services to $2,000.00.

Council member Duggin made a motion to end the public hearing, seconded by Council member Grady. FOR: Mayor Turner, Council members: Bunker, Grady, Glodowski and Duggin.

4) APPROVAL DR 2021-01-04 Amended FY Budget 2020/2021:
Mayor Turner presented the Daniel Resolution 2021-01-04 Amended FY Budget 2020/2021.
Council member Grady made a motion to approve DR 2021-01-04 Amended FY Budget 2020/2021, seconded by Council member Duggin.
Council member Bunker indicated that he would like to hold off until Council is presented the Annual Audit from Gilbert & Stewart in case there are additional adjustments that need to be addressed. Clerk Snyder indicated that per the copy of the audit she had received, the only issue was the Fraud Risk Assessment questionnaire that was not completed due not having knowledge this, otherwise the town was in full compliance. She also stated that there may need to be some changes made per the questionnaire. Council member Bunker stated that Council should review as a quorum and make the necessary changes. Council member Duggin requested to an agenda item to discuss possible changes that may need to be addressed. This will be scheduled for February meeting. Motion stands and Mayor Turner called for the vote:

FOR: Mayor Turner, Council members: Duggin, Grady and Glodowski. Against: Council member Bunker. Motion passes.
Council member Duggin stated that per State Code the Urban Farming has been passed. To comply, the property owner must raise a sellable crop with the expectation of a profit. This crop could not be a grazing or animal crop, it requires a food sellable crop.
Wasatch County has passed an ordinance for Urban Farming. This is available for property owners that have 1 acre to 4.99 acres parcel, setting aside the residential lot. A person is required 2(two) years documentation prior to applying and require annual renewals by January 31 each year to continue. Applications are due no later than May 1, 2021 to the Wasatch County Assessor’s Office and will have property evaluation by the Assessor’s office. If the applicant decides not to renew the application the County can roll back for the prior tax deferral to the applicant. Also, if the property owner(s) sells and the new owner(s) chooses to not continue, all back taxes will apply to the new owner(s). The new Accessor is Todd Griffin, office number 435-657-3221, direct 435-657-3199 or email
NEW: Connor Heating: Mike Connor was present stating that he will have only 2(two) vehicles parked at his residents, there will be no deliveries as he picks up equipment direct from merchants and hours of operation are from 8 AM to 5 PM with emergency call outs. He is one owner with one employee.
Council member Grady made amotion to approve the new license for Connor Heating, seconded Glodowski. FOR: Mayor Turner, Council members: Bunker, Grady, Glodowski and Duggin.
RENEWALS: Computer Nerds, Coleman Trucking, Jill’s Hairstyling, & Wes’ Auto Repair
Council member Grady made a motion to approve all renewal licenses, seconded by Council member Duggin. FOR: Mayor Turner, Council members Bunker, Grady, Duggin and Glodowski.
Call back to item #2: Ben Probst present with Gilbert & Stewart:
Ben Probst provided copies of the audit to Council members for review and thanked Sherri Price and Mary Snyder for getting all the information needed for the audit. Based on the Town’s revenues being below $1M, an agreed upon procedure was completed. Mr. Probst stated that there were no issues found within the audit period. He stated that as of this year, the State Auditors office is requiring a Fraud Risk Assessment to be completed and that there was supposed to be a training, but with COVID-19 that has been delayed. This was the only item noted as not being completed and will need to be in the following years.
Shelly Bunker (water Secretary) stated that there are issues with the water usage readings again this month and will require a re-read. She indicated that the read unit is not properly being updated per each month for water reads and therefore this is causing the issues. Ryan Taylor (T-O Engineers) stated that the town may want to look at other options for meters and possibly get a few to see if a different system will work better. Shelly also stated that she is getting a lot of calls for Daniel Irrigation Company about selling their water shares and are very upset. She has requested that contact be made with the Daniel Irrigation Company to see about posting additional numbers for their contacts as customer’s are having a hard time find any information online.
Ryan Taylor (T-O Engineers) stated that the CDBG application has been submitted and we should know later this month if the Town will be moving forward in the process to receive grant money.
Council member Bunker made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for December 7, 2020, seconded by Council member Glodowski. FOR: Mayor Turner, Council members: Bunker, Glodowski, Grady and Duggin.
10) RECORDERS OFFICE: Warrants approval, announcements, etc.
Council member Glodowski made a motion to approve the warrants, seconded by Council member Duggin. FOR: Mayor Turner, Council members: Bunker, Grady, Duggin and Glodowski.

a. Quarterly Budget: 2nd quarter
There was a quick review as it was reviewed and discussed during the Public Hearing for the Amended Budget.
No closed session was held.

Council member Bunker made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Council member Glodowski. For: Mayor Turner, Council members Bunker, Grady, Duggin and Glodowski.

Meeting adjourned at 7:29 PM

Mary Snyder

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