Town Council Agenda January 4, 2021

1) Public Comment: issues limited to 2 minutes, per person
2) Annual audit for 2019/2020; Presented by Gilbert & Stewart
3) PUBLIC HEARING: FY 2020-2021 Amended Budget (quarterly budget)
4) Approve DR 2021-01-04 Amended FY Budget 2020-2021
5) Discussion of Urban Farming with regards to property taxes
a. NEW: Connor Heating and Air, LLC;
b. RENEWAL: Computer Nerds, Coleman Trucking, Jill’s Hairstyling,
7) Daniel Municipal Water:
8) Storm Haven Water:
9) Approval of Council Meeting minutes: December 7, 2020
10) Recorder’s Office: Warrants approval, announcements, etc.
a. Quarterly budget
11) Possible closed session: legal, personal, property acquisition
12) Adjourn:

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