Tour of Utah Bike Race

Stage 4 of the Tour of Utah bicycle race is scheduled to come through Town of Daniel on August 6th between 9:45 and 10:15 a.m. There will be about a ten-minute period of time during that half hour when racers will be on 3000 South, going south on Daniels Road, and on to Little Sweden Road as they head out to Highway 40 to go up Daniels Canyon. The Utah Highway Patrol will be doing some traffic control and all residents need to leave the roads clear during this time. If you have an appointment to get to during this time, please vacate the area early as you will not be able to leave after about 9:00. Details of the route of the race can be found on the attached link. Please be courteous to the racers and enjoy watching this event as it comes through Daniel. Hope you were able to get out and see the racers.

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