Planning meeting minutes November 26, 2018

Daniel Planning Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 26, 2018 at 7.00 P.M
Wasatch County Services Building, Room 126
55 South 500 East, Heber City, UT

A quorum is present: Chairman Bunker and Commissioners McAllister, Weight, Norris were present. Commissioner Binkerd was excused.
Members of the public in attendance: Susan Kohler, Gary Kohler, Steven Webb, Sharon Webb, Jalayne Bassett, Scott Coleman, Bert Coleman, Cody Coleman, Shelly Bunker, Secretary Keary Stephens.

1. Public Comment concerning any Issue not on the Agenda.

No comments.

2. Webb Property approximately 300 W 3000 S. Susan Kohler has asked to address the Planning Commission.

Susan asked the Planning Commission to allow one single home to be built on the property. It has a driveway to it. It is a combination of three parcels and it was suggested that they combine those three parcels into one.
Commissioner Weight moved to recommend to the Town Council that the Webb Property be approved for building a single home since the parcel existence can be traced back to at least 1944, if the Webb’s are willing to combine the 3 parcels into 1. Parcel #’s 00-00204367, 20-4362, 204363. Commissioner Norris seconded it. Vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

3. General Plan Recommendation – Moderate Income Housing Plan.

Commissioner Skinner moved to recommend to the Town Council to that they accept the Moderate Income Housing Plan as written. Commissioner Weight Seconded it. Vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

4. Planner Report.

Final payment has been paid on the water project on Southfield Road.
5. Minute Approval for September 18, 2018.

Commissioner McAllister moved to approve the minutes of September 18, 2018. Commissioner Weight seconded it. Vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

6. Adjournment.

Commissioner Skinner moved to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8.50 P.M

Keary Stephens

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