Planning meeting minutes July 17, 2019

Daniel Planning Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM
Wasatch County Services Building, Room 126
55 South 500 East, Heber City, UT

A quorum is present: Chairman Bunker and Commissioners Norris, Rawlings, Waterman, Weight and McAllister were present. Commissioner Skinner was excused.
Members of the public in attendance: Ryan Taylor of GDA Engineering, Jamie McAllister, Mel McQuarrie, Jalayne Bennett, Susan and Gary Kohler, Sharon Webb, Steve Webb, Bev Beck. Secretary Keary Stephens.

1. Public Comment on any issue not on the Agenda:
No Comments. We would like to welcome Brent Waterman to the Planning commission.

2. Mr. Kent Johnson:

Mr. Johnson was unable to attend the meeting. Bev Beck was representing him. He wants clarification on what he can do with his property.

3. Troy Anderson –Conditional Use for a Church:

We haven’t had any communication from Mr. Anderson

4. Webb Trust – Preliminary Approval for Small Scale Subdivision. RA-5 Zone:

Commissioner Norris moved to recommend to the Town Council to approve the Webb Trust Small Scale Subdivision with the follow conditions stated in the letter from T-O Engineers dated July 15, 2019. Commissioner Weight Seconded it. Vote was Unanimous. Motion carried.

5. Conditional uses in Town Code:

Permitted Principal and Conditional Uses in the (RA-5) Residential Agriculture Zone.

Take out the following:
4811 Electric Transmission Right-of –Way over 35’ and/or 38 KVA
4814 Electric Substations
4824 Gas Pressure Control Stations
4911 Petroleum Pipeline Right-of-Way Underground
7911 Sleigh Ride, Wagon Ride and Farm Experience Activities
8224 Animal Kennels, Boarding, Grooming

6. Planner Report:

Working on the conditional uses. Joe Witt sports arena under construction. Jack Rose Ag Permit. Ryan Simpson Ag Permit. Wasatch Back Rental Business Permit. Bethers Subdivision – Suit filed by Karen and Rex Reeder. Robert Armstrong – Waterline extension on Mill Road.

7. Minute Approval for June 19, 2019:

Commissioner Rawlings moved to approve the minutes of June 19, 2019. Commissioner Weight seconded it. Aye: Commissioners Weight, Rawlings, Norris, McAllister. Abstained: Commissioner Waterman.

8. Adjourn:

Commissioner Rawlings moved to adjourn the meeting of July 21, 2019. Commissioner Waterman seconded it. Vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 P.M.

Keary Stephens

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