Planning Commission minutes October 21, 2009

Town of Daniel

Planning Commission Meeting

October 21, 2009

Wasatch County Services Building

Room 132

55 South 500 East

Heber City, UT

7 PM

Quorum present: Chairman Eric Bunker, Commissioners Barry Hobbs, Ed Pressgrove,

Diane Grose, Kim Norris, and Lynn “Boots” Crisler. Recorder Merry Duggin was

present to record the minutes in the absence of Planning Secretary Kathy Percy.

Members of the public in attendance: Nathan and Connie Kiser, Lacee and Gage Jeffs,

and Jaye Binkerd.

Chairman Bunker opened the regularly scheduled meeting at 7:05 PM.


Recorder Merry Duggin announced the dates, times, and location for early voting

of the municipal election.

Commissioner Barry Hobbs announced the Vision 2020 meeting would be at the

Wasatch High School on October 27 and invited all to come.


Chairman Bunker explained that in order for the applicant and Town of Daniel to

complete the process of this subdivision, Town of Daniel needs to abandon the previously

recorded subdivision and replace it with the new subdivision indicating the new lot lines.

The public hearing having been properly noticed, Commissioner Grose moved to open

the public hearing. The motion seconded by Commissioner Norris passed by a

unanimous vote. Ms. Grose asked if any complaints had been received by the Planning

Commission and was informed that none had been received. There were no further

comments, and Commissioner Hobbs moved to close the public hearing. Commissioner

Pressgrove seconded the motion, and the commission voted unanimously to close the

public hearing.

Commissioner Grose moved to abandon the existing Callister-Georgio

subdivision and to approve the new subdivision as has been presented to the

Commission. Commissioner Pressgrove seconded the motion. The vote was

unanimous to approve the motion, and the applicant is free to proceed with the

recording of the subdivision.


Commissioner Grose presented a letter to the other Commissioners in which she

indicated that she would like to open a discussion about modifying the present ordinance

governing discharging firearms within Daniel. She felt that the increase in our population

warranted this discussion. Commissioner Norris felt that the Town should consider

enforcing the current ordinance which allows discharge of weapons more than 600’ from

a residence. He does not favor having a “firing range in everyone’s backyard”, but as a

rural community, our residents do use guns to shoot pests on their property. Chairman

Bunker remarked that we must consider the rights of property owners. Commissioner

Hobbs felt that we should review the nuisance and noise ordinances to see if these would

apply to target practice on private property.

Mrs. Shelly Bunker spoke to the Commission about the numbers of teenage boys

who like to shoot who are now not allowed to shoot at the gun club. She felt that we

have the right to do what we want on our own private property.

At the end of the discussion, Commissioner Norris asked if the Town Council

would consider speaking to some of the people discharging their weapons and causing

a noise problem within the Town. He moved to table the firearms discussion.

Commissioner Hobbs seconded the motion, and the Commission voted unanimously to

table the discussion concerning the discharge of firearms within the boundaries of



Commissioner Grose noted that only 25% of the homes in Daniel are built on

properties of 5 acres or more, and as we approve plans for new homes, she felt that

Daniel should consider more RA 1 zoning. Commissioner Crisler indicated his

disapproval of such a change because it would lead to smaller and smaller acreages. He

wants to hold the RA 5 zoning for as long as possible to retain Daniel’s rural atmosphere.

Commissioner Norris also felt that the majority of the population in Daniel is in favor of

fighting density. Commissioner Hobbs noted that the General Plan recently adopted

supports 5 acre zoning. According to Chairman Bunker, the “pristine water” designation

of Heber Valley has helped us hold the 5 acre zoning, but he mentioned that new septic

systems could change this. He is receiving calls about subdividing on a regular basis.

Commissioner Norris said that he would hate to burden the town with a sewer system

right now. At the end of this discussion, Commissioner Hobbs moved to table this

discussion. Commissioner Norris seconded the motion, and the Commission voted

unanimously to table the discussion.


Commissioner Hobbs moved to approve the September 16, 2009 minutes as

presented. Commissioner Norris seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved

by a unanimous vote of the commissioners.

Chairman Bunker informed the Planning Commission that the Town Council had

followed the recommendation of the Planning Commission and adopted the Land Use

Plan and WECS ordinance at their meeting of October 5, 2009. The General Plan was

adopted with 2 changes recommended to the Town Council by Mr. Bunker: 1) item #9

was changed by deleting “water” and substituting “natural resources, and 2) an item #10

was added to the Plan to read “To promote agricultural activities and protect them from

development and ensure a right to farm environment.”


Chairman Bunker informed the Commission that Gary Walton had been named

the temporary manager of the municipal water company by the Town Council. He also

cautioned the Commissioners about making comments if approached about a right of way



Commissioner Grose moved to adjourn. The second was made by

Commissioner Norris, and the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:17 PM.

Merry Duggin,


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