Planning Commission minutes November 18, 2009







Quorum: Eric Bunker, Gary Weight, Kim Norris, Barry Hobbs, Diane Grose

Ryan Taylor of Epic Engineering

Members of the Public signing in: Connie Kiser, Nathan Kiser, Blaine Smith,

Darwin McGuire, Merry Duggin, Mike Duggin, Jonathan Blotter

Chairman Bunker called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Public comment (2 minutes please)

Blaine Smith talked about getting a culinary water hook-up to his home. He has

already paid for the fire hydrant that was installed near his home and nothing was

mentioned to him then about having to have the line dug to his house before October. He

has been told that they can’t open the line now for fear of the line freezing. He would like

to get the job finished now while the weather is still good and before freezing

temperatures do set in. Councilman Norris believes it could be accomplished in one day

and he will talk to the other members of the water board to see what can be done to

accomplish this.

Mayor Duggin explained that he called Gary Walton earlier today and that Gary

will talk to Blaine soon. He further explained that there might be a problem with the psi

in that area as no reduction on the line has been accomplished in that area yet.

Blaine Smith explained that it is not an emergency but he would like to have it

done if at all possible.

The Water Board will make sure that he is not being charged any monthly fees

until the job is completed.

1- Public hearing for Community development block grant (C.D.B.G.)

Councilman Norris moved to open the public hearing with Councilman Weight

seconding. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Jon Blotter told the Council that last year they had applied for and received

$318,000 towards a water facility. They are now in the process of applying for another

CDBG grant. This is Federal money that comes through the state.

Jon continued to explain that there are many uses for the money. He handed a

paper to the council members showing a list of priority uses for the 2009 monies.

Wasatch and Summit counties will be part of the pool applying for 1.5 million dollars for

  1. He would like to have a public hearing scheduled to receive input from the town

residents on their desires of how to use any money that might be received for the 2010

year, following the guidelines established by the government. The money must in some

way benefit the low to moderate income families which comprise 52 to 54 percent of

Daniel’s population.

(If you wish to see detailed information please visit one of the following websites: or for 2010 info


Chairman Bunker encourages anyone reading these minutes to send comments or

suggestions to him through his email address which can be found on the town website:

Councilwoman Grose moved to close the public hearing with Councilman

Hobbs seconding. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

2- Crossroads presentation to planning board

Mike Alger was not present.

3- Blaine Smith – extension of a building permit.

Blaine Smith would like to extend his building permit for one year as he has been

working on his project but has not yet completed it.

Councilwoman Grose moved to grant the extension with Councilman Hobbs

seconding. Discussion came from Councilman Weight asking if they needed to add a

one year limit to the motion. The extension is automatically set up for only one year

and not needed in the motion itself. There was no further discussion. The original

motion and second stand as stated. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

4- Callister subdivision

Nathan Kiser told the council that the subdivision has already been approved and

that they are now applying for a building permit. Ryan Taylor has already done the

analysis and handed a recommendation letter to the council members. At this time the

Kisers are still looking for someone to pour the foundation for the modular home they are

purchasing. Nathan showed a site plan for the home. They have a letter from the State

Engineer approving the perk test and well site. The irrigation shares have been taken care

of as well. It was suggested that they obtain a letter from the Fire Marshall approving fire

safety measures installed for the home.

Councilman Hobbs moved to approve the Callister building permit application

subject to meeting the conditions outlined in the Epic Engineering letter dated 6

November 2009 and they complete a land irrigation use study with the town

administration. Councilman Norris seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous and

the motion carried.

5- Approval of minutes/ report on council action/ election results

Councilman Norris moved to approve the October 2009 minutes with

Councilwoman Grose seconding. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

6- Administrative issues: Administrative Building permits, water, open seats, etc.

The Planning Council Member open positions are Eric Bunker, Diane Grose, Kim

Norris and Lynn Crisler. Chairman Bunker has received one letter of interest from Jay

Binkerd. Kim Norris and Eric Bunker plan on keeping their names in for next year. The

open positions will be appointed in January by the town council.

Merry Duggin, town recorder, will put information about the Planning Council

openings on the town website and also in the Wasatch Wave, under the “ads” section

instead of the legal section where it will more easily be seen, and have it announced on

the local radio station encouraging the town residents to submit applications.

Council action items: Chairman Bunker showed the members a “hundred year”

flood plain map that is issued by state and federal agencies. They will issue a new one

next year in 2010. The agencies look at different changes and new information and

determine the extent of damage that might occur in the event of a flood. This results in

the government allowing the people to keep their insurance premiums as they are or get a new policy at the old cost before the new areas are put into policy.

There are no administrative issues at this time.

Merry Duggin informed the Commission that Dean Sellers, under the corporation

name Stars & Stripes, has filed bankruptcy in Arizona. He also filed for bankruptcy in

Utah under the corporation name West Daniels Land Association. This action has

imposed an automatic stay on all legal proceedings. The town has hired a bankruptcy

attorney and filed a motion with the court to allow construction on the new water tank to

continue. The hearing is scheduled to be held in Salt Lake City on December 3rd.

7- Motion to adjourn.

Councilwoman Grose moved to adjourn the meeting with Councilman Hobbs

seconding. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Daniel Planning reserves the right to change order of, and add agenda items.

In keeping with the American Disability Act all are invited to attend.

If you need Special accommodations please call Eric Bunker 654-0409 Forty Eight, 48

hours before the meeting. Written comment accepted

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