Planning Commission minutes November 15, 2017

Daniel Planning Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Wasatch County Services Building, Room 126

55 South 500 East, Heber City, UT

A quorum is present: Chairman Bunker and Commissioners Norris, Rawlings, Weight, Binkerd, Skinner were present.   Commissioner Grose was excused.

Members of the public in attendance:  Kim Coburn with GDA Engineers, Brent Waterman, Barry and Jana Dixon, Jon Blotter,  Mark  McAllister, Justin McAllister, Shelly Bunker. Secretary Keary Stephens.

  1. Public comment concerning any issue not on the agenda.

No Comments.

  1. Mark McAllister – Zone Change.

Mr. McAllister was informed that the withdrawal of his application needed to be in writing.

  1. Shelly Bunker – Zone Change.

Commissioner Rawlings moved to proceed forward with the zone change.  Commissioner Weight seconded it.  Aye, Commissioners Rawlings and Weight; Nay, Commissioners Skinner and Norris; Commissioner Binkerd abstained.

 The zone was zoned commercial and then changed back to RA-5 and that was a concern for the council to change it back.

Commissioner Skinner moved to recommend to the Council to deny the Zone Change. Commissioner Norris seconded it. Aye, Commissioners Binkerd, Norris, Skinner and Rawlings; Nay, Commissioner Weight.  Motion carried. 

  1. Private Road Standards.

Commissioner Weight moved to recommend to the Council that all public lines be paid for by the developer and deeded back to the city upon completion. Commissioner Skinner seconded it.  Aye, Commissioners Binkerd, Norris, Skinner, Weight; Nay, Commissioner Rawlings. Motion carried. 

  1. 25 Home Business Update.

Commissioner Norris moved to send it back to the Council with the recommended changes below. Commissioner Binkerd seconded it. Aye, Commissioners Norris, Binkerd, Skinner, Weight; Nay, Commissioner Rawlings. Motion carried.

 Section 8.25.08 – Take out the sentence “Existing permits shall be renewed when applied for.”

Section 8.25.11 – After the first sentence, add the sentence “Permits must be renewed on a biannual basis”.

Section 8.25.12 – k) and n) we are combining and should read as follows:

Large Industrial equipment such as backhoes, trackhoes, mini trackhoes, skid steers, and lifts are allowed, no more than 4 pieces total. Shipping, transport, and trucking businesses are not allowed except for owner/operator with a cap of 2 combinations.

m) Take this sentence out completely.

o) Add this sentence “No Hazardous material will be allowed”.

 6. Boundary Adjustment update.

They are going to vacate a portion of 3000 South. It is up for public hearing.

  1. Meeting Schedule for 2018.

Planning Commission meetings will be at 7.00 on the following dates:

January 17                  July 18

February 21                August 15

March 21                    September 19

April 18                       October 17

May 16                        November 21

June 20                       December 19

  1. Deck Standards – Council Directive.

Commissioner Binkerd moved to continue this to the next agenda. Commissioner Skinner seconded it. Vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

  9. Planner Report.

What classifies as a carport. Contract for snow removal. Zone change for Welch denied until they complete application.

  1. Minute Approval for August 16th, 2017.

Commission Skinner moved to approve minutes for August 16, 2017 with the corrections.  Commissioner Binkerd Seconded it. Vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

 11.  Motion to Adjourn.

Commissioner Norris moved to adjourn the meeting.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:45

Keary Stephens, Secretary


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