Planning Commission minutes June 20, 2007


Minutes of planning meeting.


The meeting was called to order by Eric Bunker.

Public comment was open.

Public comment closed. No comments.

First item on agenda Building permit for Allan and Carrie Anderson.

Carrie noted the address is wrong and the correct address is 1001 E Little Sweden Road.

Planning noted the address on application was also wrong.

Et backs noted and is in an approved subdivision.

Discussion on putting Barn on the historic list.

Mike Averett Motion to approve with conditions 1-3 (see report).

Second. John Blotter. Passed. Unanimous.


Second item: Annexation Petition from Eric and Katie Anderson.

No action needed. Discussion of boundary of Town. Tax benefit and liability and master plan discussion.


Item three Minute Approval. No minutes available with Marilou not present.

Item four: Enterprise zone for Daniel.

Discussion for zone that would meet the criteria for a tax credit that would be marketed from the Economic Director to companies that would relocate to County areas identified by the municipalities within the County.

Several areas around the highway corridors identified. Sent to Town council with recommendations for final.

Motion to adjourn by Mike Averett. Second by John Blotter.

Present for meeting:

Gary Walton, Mike Averett, John Blotter, Eric Bunker, Diane Grose, Shelly bunker, Carrie Anderson, Robert Sawdey.

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