Planning Commission minutes June 16, 2010

Town of Daniel

Daniel Town Planning Meeting

16 June 2010

Wasatch County Services Building Room 132

55 South 500 East

Heber City, Utah

A quorum is present: Eric Bunker, John Glodowski, Gary Weight, Kim Norris, Jaye Binkerd, Blaine Smith,

Barry Hobbs. Kathy-Jo Percy was present to record the minutes.

Ryan Taylor of Epic Engineering is present

Chairman Bunker called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Members of the public in attendance: Jim McCleary, Scott Rogers, and Sam Steed

  1. There were no public comments.
  2. Two new members of the board were introduced and welcomed to the Planning Commission: Blaine

Smith and John Glodowski.

  1. Jim McCleary asked Scott Rogers, his contractor, to represent him. Mr. Rogers was hired to build a

two story agricultural barn with accessories upstairs on Mr. McCleary’s property. The accessories include a

small shower and bathroom that will tie in with the main septic system already on the property, a small stove,

and a small deck. Mr. McCleary will use this structure to process honey. The processed honey will be sold in

Park City stores. The building will not be used as a secondary residence. They are asking that the “red tag” be

lifted that they might continue the building process. All inspections of the structure have been approved and the

building meets all setback requirements. The commission has asked that Mr. McCleary draw up a deed stating

that this structure will never be used as a secondary residence. Commissioner Weight said that the “red tag”

could be handled administratively and the other board members agreed. Mr. McCleary will have the new deed

drawn up immediately and take it to Chairman Bunker.

Commissioner Weight moved to lift the stop work order on Jim McCleary’s agricultural building

subject to receiving the deed restriction stating that the structure will not be used for residential purposes.

The motions was seconded by Commissioner Glodowski. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

  1. Nephi Trunnell is asking for an extension on his building permit. It has been a year since it was first

approved and he has not yet begun to build.

Commissioner Norris moved to approve the extension for one year. The motion was seconded by

Commissioner John Glodowski. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

  1. Chairman Bunker reported the progress on Richard Willies barn to residential structure located on

3000 S, approximately 1185 W. Mr. Willies is changing his barn from an agricultural to residential dwelling

and was given a list of items to complete. Ryan Taylor has had a verbal confirmation from Mr. Willies that the

list had been completed but Mr. Taylor had not yet received the confirmation letter. On a separate note, Mr.

Willies has applied for an agricultural building permit.

  1. Administrative issues. Permits, fee, open board seats, planning staff updates, etc.

The Planning Commission Board is now full so Chairman Bunker is contacting the other applicants

asking if they would sit on BOA which is not yet filled. No administrative permits were done this past month.

He informed the Board that there is a school permit coming for a residence on Little Sweden Road. The number

of students unknown at this time.

  1. Commissioner Hobbs moved to approve the minutes of 21 April 2010. Commissioner Weight

seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

  1. Commissioner Glodowski moved to adjourn the meetimg. Commissioner Hobbs seconded the

motion. The vote was unanimous and the meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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