Planning Commission minutes July 18, 2007

Town of Daniel

Daniel Planning Review Board

Meeting Minutes

July 18, 2007

Quorum: Eric Bunker, Lynn Crisler, Francis Smith, Gary Walton, John Blotter

Eric Bunker called the meeting to order.

  1. Eric Bunker asked for public coment. There was none.
  2. There were no minutes for approval.
  3. Committee Reports

The hole cut for Bether’s gas line was blacktopped.

The hole cut on 3000 south will be blacktopped soon.

Work on Little Sweden Road.

John Blotter reported on Open Space.

He spoke with Christie and her thoughts were that Wasatch County was still on Board. She also gave Him a contact name in Oakley. The Board agreed we are in A holding pattern.

  1. Eric and Katie Anderson

Eric Bunker reported that the Board is sending a letter of Intent to Annex to the county and the city. This happens before the petition. The petition starts the 30 day timetable.

  1. John Blotter Building Permit

There was discussion on the hay barn to be built and whether there were CCandR’s. John Blotter indicated that he would double check.

Motion – Gary Walton

To approve the building permit with a notion on possible CCandR’s and conditions 1 and 2 in planning report.

Second – Francis Smith

Passed unanimous

  1. Excavation Permit – Silver Spur Construction

Eric Bunker explained that a permit was required to dig the line on Daniel Road to connect to Airport Road. There was discussion about the line and the legal implications attached to it. Francis Smith asked for a copy of the plans. There was not a representative of Silver Spur Construction at the meeting to provide plans or answer questions.

Motion – John Bloter

Recommend to the Town Council denial of the excavating permit by Silver Spur Construction based on the recent Town Council decision of May 9, 2007 based on

  1. An incomplete application – no engineering plans
  2. Recommend they consider alternate routes

Second – Lynn Crisler

Passed unanimous

  1. Motion – John Blotter

To adjourn

Second – Gary Walton

Passed unanimous

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