Planning Commission minutes July 15, 2009







Quorum present: Eric Bunker, Kim Norris, Ed Pressgrove, Diane Grose, Gary

Weight, Barry Hobbs

Ryan Taylor of Epic Engineering

Members of the public signing in: Jon Blotter, Nathan & Louise Kiser, Sherrie

Sawdey, Deb Bunker

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Public comment (2 minutes please)


1- Callister Subdivision (cont. from June)

Ryan explained that the Applicants have submitted all that was requested by the

board. Nathan Kiser explained that Fire Marshall Giles gave them a letter of compliance

which he showed to the commissioners along with the County Health Department’s perk

test. Next he placed the architectural drawings showing the setbacks of the building.

There is still a 6 ft shortage of 250 ft on frontage. They made a change in one corner to

allow fire equipment turn around access if needed.

Commissioner Gary Weight asked if there was any difference between the

property descriptions versus the survey description. Chairman Bunker explained that

nothing in the code says that you have to follow one or the other. Ryan Taylor pointed

out that the three lots exceed the amount needed of 5 acres per lot.

Kim Norris moved to approve the Callister subdivision recognizing the acreage

involved into 3 lots and also noting the legal description as a qualifier. Barry Hobbs

seconded the motion. Discussion: Gary Weight wondered if they should change the

motion to read legal description as correct amt of frontage? It was decided to leave the

motion as first stated. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

2- Sherrie Sawdey- Public hearing zone change request R.A-5 to Commercial Hwy

40 @ Mill rd continuation.

Chairman Bunker explained to Ms. Sawdey that the public hearing was scheduled

for August to allow the commissioners’ time to look at the surrounding zones from the

other towns in this area, i.e. Independence, Heber, etc. Hers is an application in progress.

Ms Sawdey had no questions for the board and explained that she is on a well and that

she has plenty of water to supply the commercial enterprise she wishes to have on the

property. Commissioner Weight is still worried that there won’t be enough water. Daniel

irrigation only runs from May to October.

3- Harry Weyandt – Revised master plan (cont. from June)

Carry over to next month.

4- Jim McCleary – building permit.

This was handled administratively.

5- Wind energy conversion systems WECS.

Barry Hobbs looked over all of the information given him from various entities;

Eric Bunker, research done by others, etc. He handed out a Daniel Town Ordinance draft

paper of the combinations of all the ideas given him. All the board members concurred

that Commissioner Hobbs did an excellent job drafting the ordinance. Jon Blotter will

look at a way to measure the sound generated from a windmill on vs. off at a property

boundary. A maximum dba level needs to be determined.

The current code reads “Section 8.28.02 Prohibition of Undesirable Emissions. (4)


(a) Sound shall not be generated to the extent that it is transmitted beyond the lot


Gary Weight moved that we recommend the draft as amended as the WECS be

submitted to the town council for consideration in their next meeting. Diane Gross

seconded the motion. There was discussion on the motion: Barry Hobbs would like to

wait so they might add Jon Blotter’s information. Gary Weight explained that they

could amend that section later. The motion stands as originally stated. Ed Pressgrove

voted nay and all others voted yea and the motion carried.

6- Public Hearing-Daniel Town Land Use Plan.

Barry Hobbs moved to open public hearing of the Daniel town land use plan.

Kim Norris seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Commissioner Weight drafted a paper for a new Land Use Plan. Barry Hobbs

feels that there needs to be more detail in the plan. Gary Weight would now like to have

the board’s input after looking at the draft. Everyone is to look it over and send their

suggestions to Gary.

Barry Hobbs moved to continue to next month with Diane gross seconding. The

vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Diane Gross moved to close the public hearing with Kim Norris seconding. The

vote was unanimous.

7- Public Hearing – Daniel Town General plan

Gary Weight moved to open the public hearing for the Daniel Town General

Plan with Barry Hobbs seconding. The vote was unanimous.

Diane Gross moved to accept the general plan as currently indicated and submit

it to the Town Council for approval. Gary Weight seconded the motion. Discussion:

Chairman Bunker suggested three wording changes. One: In the first sentence he

suggested adding the word “control” so the sentence would read ’…guide to land use

control…’ Two: to change the wording of the last sentence of that paragraph from

‘…unless otherwise prohibited…’ to ‘…unless otherwise expressly prohibited…’ His

third suggestion was a wording change in item number 3 ‘…development where it

will…’ to read ‘…development that will…’ Diane Gross amended her motion to read,

move to accept the general plan as currently indicated with the three changes given by

Eric Bunker and submit it to the Town Council for approval. The second still stands,

the vote was unanimous and the motion passed.

Diane Gross moved to close the public hearing on the Daniel Town General

Plan with Kim Norris seconding. The vote was unanimous.

8- Approval of June minutes

Barry Hobbs move to approve the June 17, 2009 minutes with Gary Weight

seconding. The vote was unanimous and the motion passed.

9- Administrative issues: Administrative Building permits, water, annexations, etc.

No updates.

10- Motion to adjourn.

Diane moved to adjourn the meeting. The vote was unanimous

The meeting ended at 8:32 p.m.

Kathy Jo Percy – Secretary

Daniel Planning reserves the right to change order of, and add agenda items.

In keeping with the American Disability Act all are invited to attend.

If you need Special accommodations please call Eric Bunker 654-0409 Forty Eight, 48

hours before the meeting. Written comment accepted

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