Planning Commission meeting minutes May 15, 2019

Daniel Planning Commission &
Daniel Town Council Meeting
Special Session/Public Hearing
Wednesday May 15, 2019, 7 pm
Wasatch County Service Complex,
Conference Room B
55 S 500 E, Heber City, UT 84032

Town Planning Quorum: Chairman Eric Bunker, Commissioners Kim Norris, Pam Skinner, Gary Weight, Mark McAllister, Jaye Binkerd and Tom Rawlings. Secretary Keary Stephens present for minutes.

Town Council Quorum: Mayor Chip Turner, Council members, John Glodowski, Eric Bunker, Stefanie Grady. Council member Job Blotter absent. Clerk Mary Snyder present for minutes.

Member of public: Shelley Bunker, Blaine Smith, David Gebo, Ben Russell, Ryan Taylor, Jill Cottom, Merry Duggin

1) PUBLIC COMMENT: No Comments were made.


Council member Glodowski made a motion to adopt the tentative budget, seconded by Council member Grady. All members in favor.

Council member Grady made a motion to set the Public Hearing for Monday, June 3, 2019, seconded by Council member Glodowski. All members in favor. The Town Council was then excused from the meeting as all other agenda items fall under the authority of Planning Commission.

3) TROY ANDERSON- Conditional use for Church, Ranch Drive:

No information is available. Continue to next agenda

4) DAVID & JOELLE GEBO: Zone change RA-5 to Commercial 1680 W 3000 S:

Jim Pack representing David and Joelle Gebo: Application for a zone change to commercial to operate a Dumpster Delivery Business. Employee lives on the property. There will not be any customers coming to the location. It is in an Enterprise zone to attract commercial uses. It would be a good opportunity to foster commercial property.

Mr. Blaine Smith: Is anyone living in the trailer? No, they are giving it away.

Shelly Bunker: She wants to know how they attained a picture of her property. There are positive things to be said for people who want to follow the rules but using pictures without the owner’s consent is a bad light.

Commissioner Rawlins moved to approve the change. Commissioner Weight seconded it. Aye: Commissioner’s Rawlings, McAllister, Weight. Nay: Commissioners Binkerd, Norris, Skinner. Motion failed.

Commissioner Binkerd stated that she feels like the neighbors have the right to have their voices and opinions heard.

Commissioner Norris moved to deny the Zone Change. Commissioner Binkerd seconded it. Aye: Commissioner’s Norris, Binkerd, Skinner. Nay: Commissioner’s Rawlings, McAllister, Weight. Motion failed.

Commissioner Norris moved to send the application for a Zone change from RA-5 to commercial to the Town Council without a recommendation. Commissioner Rawlings seconded it.

Commissioner Skinner wants to continue so more discussion could happen. Commissioner Binkerd does not understand why they should be rewarded just because they follow the rules.

Vote: Aye: Commissioner’s Weight, Norris, Rawlings, McAllister. Nay: Commissioner Skinner. Abstained: Commissioner Binkerd.

5) CONDITIONAL USES: Moratorium (six months from May 6, 2019):

Start at the top. We need to get rid of all the conditional uses as possible.


Bangerter permit issued, under construction. Armstrong – water line extension on Mill Road. Witt sports arena, issued. Rose Ag Permit. Simpson Ag Permit. Wasatch Back rental: Approvals waiting from Health and Fire Departments.


Commissioner Weight moved to approve the minutes of April 10, 2019. Commissioner Norris seconded it. Aye: Commissioner’s Skinner, Norris, Weight. McAllister. Abstained: Commissioner Rawlings. Absent: Commissioner Binkerd. Motion Carried.


Commissioner Skinner moved to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner McAllister Seconded it. Vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 P.M.
Keary Stephens

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