Planning Commission minutes July 15, 2015

Daniel Town Planning Meeting
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 at 7:00 PM

A quorum is present: Chairman Eric Bunker, Commissioners Pam Skinner, Jaye Binkerd, Gary Weight, Kim Norris, and Blaine Smith are present.

Chairman Bunker called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Ryan Taylor of Epic Engineering is present and members of the public in attendance are Derek Gressman, Jordan Russell, Ian George, Lynne Shindurling, Don Robertson, Josh Bell, and John Glodowski.
1. Public comment concerning any issue not on the agenda.
There were no public comments
2. Road standards- addition of new road standards to D.T.C.
Derrick Gressman has requested that a “non-paved road” code be added to the Town’s current road code which currently requires paved roads. He owns a 6 acre lot on Little Sweden road. A paved road would cost him approximately $20,000 to run the depth of his lot so he would greatly appreciate a non-paved road code. Commissioner Weight moved to ask Ryan Taylor of Epic Engineering to create an unpaved road standard and update the current paved road standard and to continue this discussion next month. Commissioner Binkerd seconded the motion. Discussion: Ryan should be given firm width suggestions and possibly include turn a rounds. That has already been asked of him. Motion stands. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.
3. Clyde Ritchie – update on items requested
We are still waiting for the two mylars on the Wilde lot line adjustment. The Clyde/Ritchie back lots will be recorded as not buildable until a road is established.
4. Corridor preservation agreement – discussion and possible action
Don Robertson owns property that would be impacted by UDOT’s proposal for a 189 Corridor Preservation Agreement. He spoke to the Commissioners about a traffic survey he did explaining that if this agreement passes it would heavily impact traffic on 3000 south and would run through his property. Chairman Bunker has had an email correspondence with UDOT giving his concerns. Commissioner Binkerd moved to recommend to the Town Council that UDOT’s plan for the intersection at 3000 South and Hwy 189 is unacceptable with Commissioner Weight seconding. Discussion: Commissioner Norris wondered if we should give them reasons why it’s unacceptable. Commissioner Binkerd thinks UDOT ought to be able to come up with a plan that is less invasive into Daniel and Charleston. The motion stands and the vote is unanimous. Motion carried.
5. Storm Haven- update on culinary issues
We are still waiting for the Grant Application approval. Some improvements need to be made. Commissioner Weight moved to adjust the agenda by moving to items 7 and 8, which was seconded by Commissioner Binkerd. The vote was unanimous and items 7 and 8 were taken out of order.
7. Glodowski- Lot split 3000 south
John Glodowski showed a plat map to the Commissioners explaining the lot split he planned.
Commissioner Binkerd moved to accept the lot split as explained with the condition that all the recommendations on the staff report be met. Commissioner Skinner seconded the motion. The vote is as follows: Commissioner Smith, nay; Commissioner Binkerd, aye; Commissioner Skinner, aye; Commissioner Weight, aye; and Commissioner Norris, aye. The motion carried.
8. Business license. Application 3000 South. (The Town Council requested a recommendation from the Commissioners concerning this application)
Ian George submitted a business application to create an organic farm on property he owns on West 3000 South. He would like to grow organic vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, some small greenhouse produce and also organic hay. There would not be any retail business on the property. The produce would be sent to an outlet place for packaging and distribution.
Commissioner Norris moved to recommend to the Town Council to approve this business application with Commissioner Binkerd seconding. The vote is unanimous and the motion carried.
6. Flag lots- council initiated look at the inclusion of flag lots in the Town code.
There was a lot of discussion concerning flag lots with suggestions of the width and depth of the pole, a single lot on the pole, set back requirements, easement, etc. Discussion on this item will be continued to the next meeting.
9. Approval of June 17th, 2015 minutes
Commissioner Skinner moved to approve the minutes of 17 June 2015 with two minor grammatical corrections. Commissioner Binkerd seconded the motion, the vote was unanimous and the motion carried.
10. Adjourn
Commissioner Skinner moved to adjourn with Commissioner Binkerd seconding. The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.
The meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.
Kathy Percy – Secretary

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