Planning Commission minutes July 16, 2008

Town of Daniel DANIEL PLANNING Board Meeting July 16th , 2008

  1. The meeting was called to order by Eric Bunker.
  2. Public Comment
    1. Lynn & Beth Kitchens want to obtain the approval of the planning commission to build another home on their 6 acre property on Little Sweden Rd. There are 4 cabins currently on the property. They have renovated the current cabins to be in year-round, livable condition. They have old building permits from 1967 that have the signature of the county planner from that time that gives them permission to build on the property. One permit was examined and found to be valid and legal.  He has combined 2 lots to meet the set-back requirement code of the town. Anyone from the council is allowed and welcome to visit the property and the cabins to see the conditions of both. The property remains a ‘lot of record’ through a ‘lot-line adjustment’ when 2 lots were combined. He does not need to provide a new ‘plat record’. He turned the design plans over to Epic Engineering.
    2. Jon Blotter is asking for help and/or suggestions from the planning board on behalf of the town council as they pursue an application for a CDBG Grant that must be turned in by December 2008. In order to fulfill the application requirement 134 household surveys must be filled out by an adult household member. It must be done by going door to door. How can this be accomplished? Suggestions were given to ask for help at the Daniel Town Fund Raiser scheduled for sometime in August and/or put an announcement in the next town newsletter. The survey is only 2 pages, 2 questions and completely anonymous. It will be placed in a sealed envelope, then in a sealed box.
    3. Doug Crittenden wants to build a 24X36X16 hay barn on his property. It will have no power or water. Must meet 50ft set back requirements if no animals will be housed inside or 100 ft if animals will be housed within. He chose not to have any animals inside. It will be for hay storage only. Council members saw no problems. He gave his plans to Epic Engineering.
  3. Building Concept approval Mike Peterson  Hwy 40 and Between Little Sweden and Mill Rd. (motion to continue until U.D.O.T. approval)
    1. Motion: Barry Hobbs: “To approve Mike Peterson’s request for a continuance and to be removed from the agenda until he receives approval from UDOT”.
    2. Second: Gary Weight
    3. Passed unanimous
    4. Removed from agenda until further notice
  4. Public Hearings
    1. Motion: Gary Weight: “To hold a Public Hearing for Commercial Zone changes on August 20th, 2008 and a Public Hearing for an Amendment to the Zoning Code Text on September 17th, 2008 at our regular meetings.”
    2. Second: Diane Gross
    3. Passed unanimous
  5. Commercial Concept Hwy 40 and Millroad (Sherry Sawdey) Mixed use application, Zone change  (set public hearing)
    1. No show
    2. Public hearing set for August 20th, 2008
  6. Code text amendments to allow for additional uses in P-160 zone.    Daniels Academy conditional use language to D.T.M.C. (  set public hearing)
    1. Corbin LindeD has requested an Amendment to the Zoning Code Text, Section 8.05.03 in the P-160 zone to allow for the current “residential treatment center boarding school” to be changed to a “Therapeutic Boarding School”.  This would allow a different criteria for type of student accepted and also allow for an increase from 8 to 24 students.
    2. Concern was expressed by board members at the continuous changes requested from the Daniels Academy representatives at each meeting where they’ve been on the agenda and also about the increase of students.
    3. Public hearing set for  September 17th, 2008.
    4. Gary recommends that the board members study the P-160 codes before the Public Hearing.
  7. Distefano Property
    1. Harry Weyandt: Owner of Nitro-Pak. Wants to purchase the Distefano property at the south-west end of 3000 S & Hwy 189 and change the zone from residential to commercial.  He wants to build a new facility for Nitro-Pak and other businesses on this property. And possibly a small climate controlled storage facility for the businesses and some public people to be able to keep surplus supplies in.  He would like to make the current residence on the property into an office/residence for a foreman to stay in.
    2. Board members expressed concern over the storage facility idea and over the traffic problems at that intersection.
    3. Trash enclosure to close to residence. See code Section 8.21.19
    4. Public Hearing set for August 20th.
  8. Ron and Susan Smith disconnect letter recommendation to Town Council.
    1. No Show
    2. There was not enough information in the letter as to what they wanted to do with the 3 acres they want to remove from the town of Daniel. No map or explanation of any kind
    3. Motion: Gary Weight: Deny their request and not be reconsidered until we have a plat map of what their intentions are and how it will affect the town boundaries. Then we will reconsider their request.
    4. Second: Diane Grose
    5. Passed unanimous
  9. Zone change requirement training for planning commission.
    1. Eric gave a short training about the paper trail of an applicant’s application.
  10. Prior minute approval
    1. Prior minutes not available
  11. Administrative issues and committee reports
  12. Motion to Adjourn
    1. Motion: Diane
    2. Second: Gary Weight
    3. Passed unanimous

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