Planning Commission Minutes January 17,2018

Daniel Planning Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Wasatch County Services Building, Room 126

55 South 500 East, Heber City, UT


A quorum is present: Chairman Bunker and Commissioners Norris, Rawlings, McAllister, Binkerd, Skinner, Weight were present.

Members of the public in attendance:  Kim Coburn and Ryan Taylor with GDA Engineers, Brent Waterman, Kent Bethers, Todd Wall, Shelly Bunker. Secretary Keary Stephens.


  1. Public comment concerning any issue not on the agenda.

No Comment.

  1. Continued discussion – Deck Regulation Recommendation.

   Commissioner Norris Moved to accept original document on deck regulations and send a letter of recommendation to the Daniel Town Council.  Commissioner Binkerd Seconded it. Aye, Commissioners Weight,Binkerd,Norris, Skinner,McAllister. Nay, Commissioner Rawlings. Motion carried.

Decks which are supported by the dwelling are required to be permitted when any of the following apply:

1)     Floor area exceeds 70 sqft.

2)     At least one horizontal deck dimension exceeds 7 ft.

3)     Stairs to grade have 4 or more risers.

4)     Deck surface is over 30” above grade at any point along deck edge.

5)     Deck is roofed.

6)     Engineering is required when the deck is roofed and/or over 30” grade.

Decks which are not supported by the dwelling are required to be permitted when any of the following apply:

1)     Area of the deck exceeds 200 sqft.

2)     Stairs to grade have 4 or more risers.

3)     Engineering is required when the deck is roofed and/or over 30” above grade. R301.2.3.

4)     Decks over 600 sqft must be engineered.


  1. Continued – 8.25 Definitions.

Commissioner Binkerd moved that we send this to the Daniel Town Council with all the recommendations to receive final approval with all definitions and changes.  Commissioner Skinner Seconded it. Aye, Commissioners Rawlings, Norris,Binkerd,Skinner, McAllister. Nay, Commissioner Weight.  Motion carried.


Section 8.25.01 Purpose.

Second sentence, change the word “residential” to “existing”.

Section 8.25.02 Approval Period.

To read as follows:

A Home Occupation license is valid for one (2) year and can be renewed bi-annually prior to expiration. The license is issued by the Town Council after recommendation from the Planning Commission and has been determined to meet the requirements of this chapter.  Conditions may be attached to any license approval or renewal and maybe subject to review.  Approvals in any license period do not perpetuate the right to operate such uses in subsequent years.  New license applications and renewals shall comply with the requirements that are in effect at the time of application.

Section 8.25.05   Annual Renewal and Review of Home Occupation License.

Change the heading to BI-Annual.  In the first sentence, take out “each year”.

Section 8.25.06 Home Occupation Standards.

(b)  Take out the word “residing”.

Section 8.25.07   Purpose and Definition.

The last sentence, take out “neighbors” and replace with “residential uses”.

Section 8.25.08   Approval Period.

To read as follows:

A home occupation permit shall be issued by the Town Council for a 2-year period, only after the home occupation has been determined to meet the requirements of this planning commission. When the use is allowed to lapse by the property owner, the permit expires and no longer exists.

  1. The last sentence to read: Vehicles left running or coming and going during off hours per approved application, could be an example of disturbing the peace and quiet.
  2. Change the word conformity to compliance.
  3. Change the word shall to should.
  4. All applicants are required to provide daily business hours, the number of employees at the home occupation location, and expected customer traffic load. Applicants are to provide descriptions and quantities of vehicles to be parked or stored on the site location. Any applications requesting business hours outside of 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM will require additional approval by the Town Council.
  5. Take out the words “increase or”.

The last paragraph we have made it (12) and it reads:

Requirement of this section is to provide staff with a process to protect the neighborhood.  Don’t ask for something not fitting with the area.

Section 8.25.10 Business License Required.

Add the word “approved” before application.

Section 8.25.11 Bi-Annual Renewal and Review of Business Licenses and                                                 Home Occupation Permits.

To read as follows:

The home occupation permit/business license location maybe inspected at any time to assure compliance with this chapter. Permits must be renewed on a biannual basis.  If signed complaints have been received, the business license and home occupation permit is subject to review according to Title 8. D.T.C. and may be revoked.

Section 8.25.12   Home Occupation Standards

  1. Add the word “residential” in front of dwelling.
  2. Add “and licensed” after registered.
  3. Take out the word “large”
  4. To read: Shipping, transport, and trucking businesses are not allowed except for owner/operator with a cap of 2 combinations and no other industrial equipment as defined in (k).
  5. Continued – Mark McAllister Zone Change.

Commissioner McAllister moved to continue this to the next Agenda. Commissioner Norris seconded it. The vote was unanimous. Motion carried.

  1. New Planning Commission Members and New Terms.

Commissioner Grose was replaced by Commissioner McAllister.

  1. Election of Chairperson and Vice Chair for 2018

Commissioner Rawlings moved to retain the current Chairman and Vice Chairman. Commissioner Binkerd Seconded it. Aye, Commissioners Norris, Binkerd, Skinner, McAllister,Rawlings. Nay, Commissioner Weight. Motion carried.

  1. Planner Report.

There isn’t really anything new at this time.

  1. Approval of December 20, 2017 Minutes.

Commissioner Skinner motion to approve minutes of December 20, 2017. Commissioner Norris Seconded it. Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.

  1. Motion to Adjourn.

Commissioner McAllister motion to adjourn the meeting.


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