Legal Notice

Daniel Town has adopted a resolution indicating the Town Council’s intent to adjust a boundary that the municipality has in common with Charleston Town.  This boundary exists in the area between the northeasterly boundary of the Town of Charleston that currently runs along the easterly edge of Highway 189 and constitutes the division between the Town of Charleston and the Town of Daniel, and the centerline of Highway 189.  A public hearing is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM in conjunction with the regular Planning Commission meeting at the Wasatch County Services Complex to hear comment about this boundary adjustment.  Charleston and Daniel Towns will adjust this boundary unless, at or before the public hearing, a written protest to the adjustment is filed by the owners of private real property that is located within the area proposed for adjustment, covers at least 25% of the total private land area within the area proposed for adjustment, and is equal in value to at least 15% of the value of all private real property within the area proposed for adjustment.

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