Electronic Planning Commission Agenda meeting June 17, 2020

The meeting will be conducted Via electronic means. Due to the risk of public gatherings associated with the spread of COVID19
To participate in the Public comment portion of the meeting please submit any statements, comments, or questions by 7:00 p.m. June 16 to ericbunker@danielutah.org

Skype Meeting:
Join by phone 2245540322#, Conference id# 7967952235

Meeting Agenda
1) Public Comment: issues limited to 2 minutes, per person- to be read.
2) Subdivision Approval and Recommendation to Council – Armstrong 2585 South Mill Road
3) Commercial Site Plan Approval. Russ Witt, Daniel Crossing. 2885 South Mill Rd Mike Johnston.
4) Approval for Phase 1 – Russ Witt. Utilities and Building 1. Daniel Crossing. Mike Johnson.
5) Commissioner Mark McAllister – Address the Commission.
6) Water Expansion Area. Recommendation to Council. Ryan Taylor.
7) Bush Agriculture Building. 2611 Cove Lane.
8) Larsen Remodel Permit Approx. 300 East 3000 South.
9) Clyde Remodel Permit Approx. 3300 South Daniel Road.
10) Planner Report.
11) Minute Approval for April 15th 2020.
12) Adjourn.

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