DR 2010-10-04A Appointing Board of Appeals


Number: DR-2010-10-04A

Appr. Date: October 4, 2010
Effect. Date: October 4, 2010
Short Title: Resolution appointing two applicants to fill vacant positions on the Daniel Board of Appeals.

Purpose: The purpose of this resolution is to appoint new Daniel Town Board of Appeals members from those persons who have made application for membership to this Board.

Resolution: The Town of Daniel Town Council having published and noticed vacancies on the Daniel Board of Appeals, and having received applications in a timely manner, does hereby resolve to appoint the following persons: Tom Rawlings, Diane Grose, who having applied for membership to the Daniel Town Board of Appeals do accept the position of Board of Appeals member.
. . .

Stat. Refs.: DMC Title 2, Section 2.01.03

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