DR 2010-06-07A New members of Planning Commission


Number: DR-2010-06-07A

Appr. Date: June 7, 2010
Effect. Date: June 7, 2010

Short Title: Resolution appointing Daniel Town Planning Commission members to fill the remaining months in Commission vacancies of a 4 year term, and to fill vacant positions on the Daniel Board of Appeals.

Purpose: The purpose of this resolution is to appoint new Daniel Town Planning Commission members from those persons who have made application for membership to the Commission to fill vacancies on the Planning Commission and Board of Appeals.

Resolution: Be it resolved, accepted, and approved by the governing legislative body of the Town of Daniel, that the Town of Daniel, desires to appoint the following persons: Blaine Smith and John Glodowski, who having applied for membership to the Daniel Town Planning Commission do accept the position of Planning Commission Member or Board of Appeals member, and who (above referenced) agree to abide by the ordinances established by the Daniel Town Council and by the bylaws established by the Daniel Town Planning Commission.

. . .

Stat. Refs.: DMC Title 2, Section 2.01.03

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