Council meeting minutes May 5, 2008

Town of Daniel
Town Council Meeting
Charleston Town Hall
3454 West 3400 South
May 5, 2008
6:00 pm
Quorum: Dan Harvath, Mike Duggin, John Blotter, Gary
Walton, Eric Bunker
Mayor Duggin called the meeting to order at 6:09 pm.
1. Appointment of new council member
Mayor Duggin accepted Dan Harvath’s resignation as
Council member. He will continue as Treasurer. Mayor
Duggin thanked him for his service, especially his work
on the Town Code.
Mayor Duggin reported he received applications for the
seat, from Barry Hobbs and Heather Bateman. He
asked the applicants to tell the Council about
Barry Hobbs said that he has owned land in Daniel for
eight years and just recently built and moved to Daniel.
He explained he is on a community foundation that
assists in the curriculum choices for the high school.
He is a venture capitalist and has developed real
Heather Bateman was introduced by Lynn Thacker. She
explained she has a business background and was
instrumental in the Storm Haven annexation. She
hopes to represent an area of Daniel not currently
Chris Anderson, Kasee Bateman, Ryan Taylor and
Lambert Deegan said the east side of Daniel needed
representation and support Heather Bateman.
Motion – Gary Walton
To appoint Heather Bateman to the Council
Motion died for lack of second.
Motion – Eric Bunker
To appoint Barry Hobbs to the Council
Second – John Blotter
Gary Walton nay
Mayor Duggin nay
John Blotter yea
Eric Bunker yea
Gary Walton said that equal representation is important
and that both candidates are qualified.
Motion – Gary Walton
To appoint Heather Bateman to the Council
Second – Eric Bunker
Gary Walton yea
Mayor Duggin yea
John Blotter yea
Eric Bunker yea
Heather Bateman was sworn in.
2. Tentative Budget FY 08-09
Dan Harvath told the council and the public that the
tentative budget for fiscal year 2008-2009 is on the
website and asked everyone to look at it because at the
June Council meeting it would be discussed line item by
line item. He asked for comments in writing and
encouraged the public to use e-mail.
Lambert Deegan asked if the budget included
anticipated annexation income. Mayor Duggin said that
will not be reflected until after the 2010 census. Ralph
Lugton asked about when the Town would impose a
property tax and Mayor Duggin explained the increases
in taxes are from Wasatch County and the school
bonds, not the Town.
3. Public Comment
Mayor Duggin asked for any public comments.
Lambert Deegan thanked Dan Harvath for his service and
said that most people don’t realize the effort he put into the
4. Business Licenses
Eric Bunker reported there were two applicants and
introduced the first, Melanie North. She explained her
business is Classic Beauty Supply and she has been in
business for 21 years. She has had the business at
home since 1999.
Motion – John Blotter
To issue a business license
Second – Gary Walton
Passed unanimous
Eric Bunker introduced Cindy Wilde who explained she
has a home office for her sales business.
Motion – Gary Walton
To issue a business license
Second – John Blotter
Passed unanimous
5. Fundraiser
Mayor Duggin explained the costs of the lawsuit with
West Daniels Land Association has been expensive,
using almost half of the 2007-2008 budget. He updated
the Council and the public on the status. He introduced
Kasee Bateman, who will organize the fund raiser.
Kasee Bateman said he will prepare a Dutch Oven
dinner and there will be an auction and entertainment.
He reported that an anonymous donor has agreed to
match proceeds up to $25,000. He asked for auction
donations. He is looking for a location and trying to find
a good date. Tentatively he is looking at the end of July
or the first of August and not during Fair Days.
6. Daniel Road conditions
Mayor Duggin reported work is scheduled to begin on
May 15 and last at least 3 weeks.
Mayor Duggin updated the public and Council on the
options the Boyer Project has presented for closing
Daniel Road to Hwy 189.
7. Wasatch County Council of Governments Resolution
Mayor Duggin read the resolution.
Motion – Gary Walton
To accept the resolution as read
Second – John Blotter
There was discussion on the resolution. Mayor
Duggin explained this is governed by State Law and it is
written that way. If Daniel does not pass this resolution
the County will lose $700,000. The are using the
money to purchase land for the by pass road.
Mayor Duggin yea
Gary Walton yea
John Blotter yea
Heather Bateman yea
Eric Bunker nay
8. Resolution on required signatures to record Daniel Plat
Mayor Duggin said that this is housekeeping and read
the resolution. Eric Bunker said the resolution should
read the signature of the “Planning Director” rather than
the Planning Chair.
Motion – Eric Bunker
To accept with changes
Second – John Blotter
Passed unanimous
9. Committee Reports
Eric Bunker reported that there are 14 applications for
business licenses and some of the applicants did not
want to appear before the Council. There was
discussion on if it was necessary to appear. Gary
Walton said it was a good idea and it was only a one
time thing. He stated it is a courtesy not a hardship.
Mayor Duggin said there is no way we have to insist
because we have no consequence because we have
no Justice Court. He suggested the Council delay one
month to see if we can get a Justice Court.
Mayor Duggin informed the public that they are each
responsible for their own weeds. He said everyone
could get one gallon of 24D from the county and they
have a weed sprayer for rent.
10. Public Announcements
Lambert Deegan talked about the CDBG money
available and asked that a committee be formed with a
member from the Council. Mayor Duggin asked John
Blotter who agreed.
Merry Duggin announced that tomorrow on KTMP
“Impact” the two Democratic candidates for County
Council were speaking.
She added the high school is having their annual
bedding plant sale and that Kathy Hinckley has 40
hours to donate before she can become a master
11. Minutes
Eric Bunker and Merry Duggin presented changes.
Motion – Eric Bunker
To approve with changes
Second – John Blotter
Passed unanimous
12. Adjourn
Motion – Heather Bateman
To adjourn
Second – Gary Walton
Passed unanimous
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

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